What is the strangest situation you have ever been in?


where the wild things are
Jan 23, 2012
It was when I was in ninth grade in high school, I had the flu really bad, and stayed home for a few days. The school had cameras, cameras in the classrooms and I guess a few classrooms were trashed. The school called my parents and they went to the school and they were told I had been suspended for vandalism of the classrooms, because the cameras showed me trashing the classrooms.

The problem though is, I was not at school, nor was I even anywhere near the school on the date, and times the classrooms were vandalized, my dad who was home with me at the time, because he worked nights, confirmed that we were sitting in the living room watching television together, at the exact time this classroom was vandalized.

My parents told the school that, but they didn't believe them, they didn't believe me either, and the suspension was upheld, and I got a couple more days off school to rest from the flu. But it was one of a few instances of me having a doppleganger. The person on the video looked just like me, only difference is, that their style of clothing differed much from mine. I am more casual clothing, and this person was clearly into designer clothing.

Another incident that took place with a doppelganger was in 2006 when I was living at an old apartment complex, and I was at my parents who lived on the other side of the city, attending a 4th of july get together.

I came home the next day to the police at my door, and they spoke to me about several incidents the night before between a several hour timeframe of a man who looks just like me, looking through windows of other residents around the complex. I told them that it could have not been me, because I was at my parents house the night before. I called my parents and they spoke to the police and the police were visibly shaken and confused. They chalked it up to it being someone who looks like me, told me to have a nice day and left.

Another strange occurence for me was in 2007 I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize, it was a local area code, two counties away. When I picked up, a teacher identified herself at some elementary school, and said that a child named Alex Zopetsky was feeling sick and they said the reason they were calling me was because my name and number were down as the emergency contact for this kid. I told them, that I have no idea who that is, never heard of them and I have no idea how my name and number came to be on an emergency contact list. The line then disconnected.

Sure it could have been a wrong number, but... the lady nailed my first and last name, and nailed my phone number. I can see a wrong number, can see that, but her asking me "Is this so and so?" well yeah? Absolutely no idea how she knew my first and last name, never heard of her before, she didn't sound familiar at all. The child's name didn't sound familiar at all. And my number is unlisted, so you can't find me in a phone book.

Its been ten years and I don't remember the lady's name or the school's name. I do remember the child's name, that has stuck with me for some reason. I do still have the phone number, I have this habit of recording numbers that call me. The interesting thing about that is, I told a friend about it a few hours later and he called the number and got the standard recording: this number is not in use.

Call from the future? Prank call? Call from an alternate present?

So there you go. Strange occurences I have had in my life. And I still have them.

I saw a lady walk through a fence the other day. Walked right through it, in front of me. Checked the fence for holes, and any openings, none. There is no way she could have gotten through it.