What would You ask a Time Traveler (if you were a Talk Show Host) ?


Thanks for some great answers!

$80 USD for a single C2C show? Indeed, it's expensive, although I admit I'm skeptical that the tapes exist at all. :D
Were you ever able to go ahead with converting any of the tapes to other formats?


RE the Time Bubble, I find it interesting, it reminds me of other bubbles, such as the one Joe Parr was able to create by rotating pyramids against permanent magnets for long periods of time. The bubble interfered with the navigation of bees, for example. Many interesting details exist, and a great deal of time was spent researching this.

Was the threat, like, to stop making HDRs? Or something else specifically?

BTW I was able to acquire a rare bound copy of 'Report 1' which seems to have some different formatting and some extra stuff thrown in, vs the PDF floating around. A rare artifact in any event.