What would you see?

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What would you see?

Hi, I have just joined and have been looking back at the previous post but could not find one discussing what you would see.

Anyway as an hypothetical time machine, imagine one that vibrates at the speed of light. You would be travelling at the speed of light (first one way slightly, then the other) and as time stands still at this speed you should in theory not move in time.

First question is, what would other people in the room see when you turned on the machine.

(a) Would they see a frozen image of you for as long as the machine was on?

(B) Would they see a fading image of you as the light from you diminished as you were no longer there?

? Or would they see you disappear straight away as you no longer occupied the same time as them?

Second question, what would you see when you turned off the machine.

(a) Everything looks the same as when you turned on the machine as time had not passed for you, however this would mean you were now in the past compared to those who were outside the machine.

(B) Would you see everyone in their new positions so to you it would appear that you had travelled forward to the future.

Thats it for now but I am sure I will think of more as you reply and add your idears.