Who is going to have the Covid Jab?

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Having the Vaccine

  • Yes.

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • No.

    Votes: 9 52.9%
  • Already had it.

    Votes: 6 35.3%

  • Total voters


Junior Member
I'm doing a quick poll to find out who going to have the Covid-19 vaccine. There seems to be more variations of the vaccine than variants of the disease.
- Kary Mullis

There is no way I would.
people killed in car accidents have been said to have died from this genome of which they claim to have never isolated. So many reasons not to risk my life over that. I totally support those that wish to. :) Poke away at yourselves! Poke poke poke! Inject inject inject

Why would I when my immune system has never been so rock solid and taking some RNA/DNA Recombinantion jab carries a heavy risk of permeant damage or death where nobody not even the felonious entities in charge of distributing the poison is held accountable ?

Government force is another reason not to trust it let alone trusting them at all. I do not watch the mainstream " programming " so I am not hypnotized into this BS.


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The 1918 Spanish pandemic took more lives from bacteria infection caused by wearing a mask than the flu itself.
This is a fact that our government is well aware of!View attachment 12254
I remember watching and listening to a historian talk about how allegedly everything people were getting jabbed for previous to the big event happened to be all the symptoms people were dying from . Like someone had let loose a kill switch.

im sure the mask thing is pretty accurate and I've heard that as well. It just does not seem like a great thing to be doing. I feel so bad for the children in schools wearing these all day and their nasty teachers and horrific parents for leaving them in the hands of the state.


I'm suspicious. The common cold hits American schools as soon as school starts. It started going around Florida schools as predicted, with the same symptoms me and my kids get every year -- runny and stuffed nose combo with the lungs crystal clear. But this year, the parents decided to get their kids tested and magically, they all have Covid. Last year, they used the flu. This year, they are using the common cold because it is more common. Yes, anyone can die from complications of ANY virus. And it has already been noted that the death numbers have been artificially increased. So, I remain vigilant. I will not get the vaccine. I have an arsenal of natural remedies - Zinc, Quercetin, D3 (and sunshine), C, albuterol, ibuprofen, tylenol, fresh beauty berry, and my natural immune system. IF it exists, I may have already gotten in twice, but suspiciously, I got the flu back when Covid was first discovered and now I got a cold when people are claiming Covid is spreading.

It should always be a person's choice. It should never be forced. I will always respect someone's decision. I just hope and pray that the people who received the vax will be ok in the end. But I will never hate someone for choosing the vaccine. That's nonsense. We are supposed to be FREE, yet freedom is disappearing from the world and half of the population WANTS freedom removed so they feel safe under the blanket of the government.

I do believe that if this were a real virus and they didn't make such a big deal about the vaccine, more people would get it. Forcing is highly suspicious. And when my children are involved, the government better stay the heck away from them. But again, that's MY choice. If other parents disagree, it's their choice and none of my business.

We can all get along, vaccine or no vaccine.