Who's going to see Avatar ?


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Who's going to see Avatar ?

Who's going to see Avatar ? I'll probably see it as soon as I can. Early critics liked it, which should be a good sign, some even said this is the next Star Wars, and compare it to Lord of the Rings. If I remember, James Cameron said something like that himself, about Avatar being "the new trilogy". The soundtrack is awesome too. The special effects seem so perfect in every way, it looks freaking real.

This movie is about 2:40 long, this is going to be a huge CGI fest, with a good script.

I can't wait to see this movie. :)

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Here is a part of the soundtrack:

This is a massive 10 minutes piece of great film music. If you feel like listening only the very best part of that 10 mins monster, you may be interested to check at 7:00 for some freaking good movie OST.

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Going tonight. Sounds like a good one. Hope it meets my expectations.

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I watched it a few days ago, it was great. This movie is 2:40, and it felt like a 90 minutes movie, it was mind blowing. I'd swear there's no CGI in Avatar, everything looks so real and nice, except for a few rare shots.

It's too early to say if Avatar is the next "Trilogy", but it's sure an awesome movie, and a massive achievement. I'll probably go see it again next week.
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Thought the movie was great but couldn't get into the 3D version. Will try to go again whent he crowds are less. I've never seen a 3D movie.
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I really wish I could afford to see this movie in the theater . I don't have alot of moneys in the winter and can't afford winter movies. I've used stereoscopic 3-d in games before and it's a cool effect if not a little distracting. It has to be pretty neat on the big screen.
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saa it and when i came back to reality i could deal with the real world plain boring colour i tear my eye off , naaw im kidding , it was awesome , one of the best movie i saa in my life and in 3d , so much colour , only on a acid trip you can see so many colour. they did there homework and it was worthy of my 14$ to see
cheers go see it really
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