Woman Claims Bigfoot Sighting in Washington

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Apr 20, 2011
MALO, Wash. — A woman from Ferry County claims she saw a primate she identified as a Bigfoot.

The anonymous 60-year-old woman says she was by Empire Creek road near Malo when the creature showed up.

“We lived in a small house that we were building,” she said about the fall of 1993 encounter. “It was around 6 a.m. and there was just light enough to see.”

The Washington resident reports that the first thing she noticed were her dogs barking at “something at the corner”.

“Right where the creek ran through, then the dogs came running back to the house with their hair up. They wouldn’t leave the front porch.”

Reportedly, the woman decided to investigate and that’s when she noticed “someone” standing by a tree.

“I thought ‘what or who is that?’. I could see that it was very tall.”

She described the creature as 8 feet tall with dark hair. Its head, she added, was “smaller than the shoulders”.

“It had no neck. We made eye contact, then it took a step back and I couldn’t see him. I knew he was there.”

When she turned her head to yell at her husband to come see it, she claims the creature had vanished, but that they were able to find footprints.

The eyewitness told BFRO investigator Darrel Verney that she felt frightened at the time, but that “it is an unforgettable story” and now “feels fortunate” to have seen of these creatures.

Three years later, another Washington resident placed an emergency call claiming that a bipedal creature had broken into his property. The call was later released to the public by law enforcement.

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