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Welcome All, from 2026

Discussion in 'Time Travelers' started by Zeshua, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Zeshua

    Zeshua Junior Member

    Mar 9, 2005
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    Welcome All, from 2026

    I would like to extend my hand in Welcome to this time travel forum. A good friend from another board had suggested I come here as well. Now that I've got the communications protocols setup correctly there should be very few issues with posting on the forums here as well as TTI.

    My hopes are only those of communication and appreciation for all of our pasts/presents/futures. I, unlike many other claimed Time Travelers, am not here in your present 14 March 2005. I am communicating via means of a very special wireless Ethernet bridge functioning through rented Supercomputer time and using a Graviton Generator to effectively "Tunnel" into your present. This allows me to effectively in real-time communicate through your forums.

    I look forward to the discussion, please feel free to contact me privately if you wish.
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  3. Crosstika

    Crosstika Active Member

    Mar 12, 2005
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    Re: Welcome All, from 2026

    When will i die?:huh:

  4. DWOMT

    DWOMT Member

    Nov 4, 2004
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    Re: Welcome All, from 2026

    Well you gotta give this guy credit for coming up with something new :lol:

  5. Crosstika

    Crosstika Active Member

    Mar 12, 2005
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    Re: Welcome All, from 2026

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(\"DWOMT\")</div>

  6. BubbuClinton

    BubbuClinton Member

    Mar 3, 2005
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    Re: Welcome All, from 2026

    If you are in 2026 and on a super computer, surely you would have access to a on-line sports site. Who wins the 2005 NCAA Basketball championship and what are ther final 4 teams. I need to know before Thursday. I have to get my bet in my pool.

  7. Crosstika

    Crosstika Active Member

    Mar 12, 2005
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    Re: Welcome All, from 2026

    ..and surely you could look up the lottery numbers from this week, so how's bout' it? ;)
  8. Judge Bean

    Judge Bean Senior Member

    Jun 16, 2004
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    Re: Welcome All, from 2026

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(\"Zeshua\")</div>
    I suppose that it was just a matter of time before such a claim would appear on the forum. I feel a couple of things rather strongly at the moment, one of them, perhaps the strongest feeling, of sadness.

    I am sad for the fate of the human race. The truly unbelievable technology already at hand notwithstanding-- with which lives are daily salvaged-- I feel unable to credit you whatsoever just due to my assumption that the human race evolves just a little. You are nevertheless communicating on the basis of entertainment. Let me tell you what I believe is wrong with that, besides the fact that it apparently bends the supernatural powers of your technology to a trivial pursuit.

    In the first place, there are a number of people on this forum, and no doubt many who visit anonymously, who genuinely want to find the key to this puzzle, and want to know if time travel (or communication through the barrier of time) is possible or whether it has happened-- to themselves, to others around them, to people who so claim it on the internet. You must believe that the reason for this is nothing more than consumerist, kitschy curiosity.

    While that may be true in some cases, would that be true of you if you were not from the future? If you were one of us, wouldn't you be on this site for something other than fun?

    Many of us are here because we fear for the fate of the human race, and for the future of our families and friends, and for the whole system of our civilization-- a vast, clumsy leviathan exhaling poisonous vapors, but, nonetheless ours and the only one we have. Is the result of all of this effort, and worry, and noble concern nothing more than the culture of your origination, a culture that uses us for chat?

    Don't get me wrong: I honestly hope and trust that you are telling us the truth. The record of such things here has not been good, you understand, and I am also perfectly willing to accept that the future holds nothing more foreboding than the need to manipulate "communication protocols" so that you can wow the dinosaurs.

    However, here's what we need you to do, and quickly before the fecal storm of debunkment commences: you need to give us more information and creditable evidence, such as photographs, documents, or innocuous predictions that we can all watch come true.

    If you do not do this, we'll have to conclude you're a fake. I'm sure you understand: it is, after all, one of the pitfalls of the entertainment art.
  9. Zeshua

    Zeshua Junior Member

    Mar 9, 2005
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    Re: Welcome All, from 2026

    Paul J Lyon,

    Although I try not to use too many canned messages, and was attempting not to use one here, perhaps this would answer some of your questions. Any further questions you might have will need to be communicated through private messages.


    You want to know who John Titor is? This fictitious
    character supposedly from 2038. Well, living now in
    2026, We don't know who John Titor is. You, None of you,
    know what?s Coming for you. There is a war looming, on
    the horizon, just as John Said.

    There Will be Waco type events, there will be a
    continuation of what you now only sense as small
    vibrations. I have answered many of your questions, many
    Many times. As a result of the original experiment,
    which I have now disbanded, we posted 28 messages at the
    same system, scattered over 4 years and delayed by more
    than 3 days. In that time we quickly realized the truth
    of what was happening and decided upon a course of

    Before our whole occurrence it was decided upon a cryptex,
    a Key, would be encoded and placed in a message were we
    to need to fix a mistake. Although we do not know the
    exact details of the event, as it has now never happened,
    we received the message, from ourselves, Loud and clear.

    (The Following was accomplished at www.timetravelinstitute.com)
    Here is what we, and now only myself, were able to
    accomplish. Over 200 threads and thousands of
    correspondence stretching from February 22nd 2005-March
    1st 2009. We learned quickly to only communicate with
    the most current of timelines we had interacted with. I
    took it upon myself to routinely test the boundaries of
    what I could and could not say. "Tomorrow, for the
    Power ball drawing, 5 of the winning numbers are
    x,x,x,x,x" and providing the details, awaiting the almost
    immediate response, I was able to see just how much the
    timeline diverged. Let me tell you, giving away all 6
    numbers was a total nightmare. From a time alteration
    perspective, that is.

    Every time there was too much of a major occurrence, we
    would send a message to the previous timeline with our
    coded message, which we would receive immediately, and
    then target the new timeline (More in the past) than the
    one we had been corresponding with.

    Although this did function, it still left minute
    fluctuations in the timeline. I believe these will work
    themselves out, but, I feel compelled to share the truth
    with all of you whom I have grown to trust over the last

    All scenario's and questions Must be run through our
    caus-sim which you'll be happy to know is above 98%
    accurate now due to testing. Gravitons as it seems
    travel through Time and not Space. Thus, Gravity, is
    time, over 3 dimensional space. Every single one of you
    who has responded to me from 2006-2009 has agreed with
    that statement, sometimes after a long discussion, I will
    admit. lol. you guys (and gals) have been great, and I
    do look forward to helping, I am now pretty certain what
    can be said and what will alter the timeline too

    Please feel free, Ask away. Here are the answers to most
    of your questions. (We have responded to these countless
    times, the top 3 are always the same).

    1.) <Comment : It had to be a JT question..> " Have you
    seen/met/heard of/know about/killed/questioned/agreed
    with/worked with/hung out with John Titor?"


    As I said, we don't know who JT was(is). Nobody I know,
    but surprisingly he's considered similar to a modern day
    Nostradamus. The Story seemed to fall apart but the
    facts remained? Does that make sense? The basics of
    this John Titor (this fictitious character) actually came
    to pass, many things will happen in your immediate
    futures. I remained steadfast that we would not
    communicate with any timeline later than 2009. Waco type
    events, he should have just come right out and said 9/11
    type events. You will all be surprised when the veil
    comes down and you realize that you aren't 100% free

    2.) "Will there be a war/civil war in the future?"

    The Civil War, its not what you think it will be, its not
    started by anything you might think. No its not
    Yellowstone erupting (I Love you yellies), although that
    hasn't happened yet. Mt St Helens blew her cap again,
    bigger than the last but nothing that really concerned
    anybody. Lets just say, it was one of those "I know
    where I was on that day, even though it was no big deal."
    The Civil War, which is more of a Global Civil War, is
    the same all over the globe. It is truly a David versus
    Goliath scenario and this is one thing JT never said,
    this is a worldwide phenomenon. It just happens to be
    Focused on the United States. You will feel as though
    you've just been through a movie in which the last 5
    minutes changed the entire first 2 hours of the movie,
    the Twist, as it were, which Cannot be guessed (we are
    sure, you have Tried, every single time), and cannot be
    revealed, is very "Unexpected".

    Once the initial panic is over, the confusion sets in,
    this is the time Big Brother steps in and you no longer
    have that cushy 100% freedom you treasure so Dearly.
    Well, get Used to it.

    3.) <Any time traveler, time communicator, etc etc, gets
    this one.> "How did you travel here/fly here/get
    here/speak here/communicate here/talk here?"

    I don't know if physical Time Travel is possible, not
    that any of us at the college have heard of. I suppose
    anything is possible. We figured out long ago it was
    easier to send information back. All we had done here at
    the college, over 1 year ago now, was put together
    existing technologies for the purpose of posting and
    monitoring messages sent back in time.

    Although I have gone into great Great detail about this
    in your future, with many of you, and answered almost
    every single question pertaining to the "Bridge", I will
    attempt to Sum up and I hope that you can accept this. If
    any of you have specific questions pertaining to this
    process, feel free to ask on a personal basis only. (I
    know 4 of you who question me every single time, you know
    who you are.)

    We take Particle Accelerator rings, there are 16 of
    various sizes, the number is not important, only the
    ratios of the diameters of each circle. The Mini
    particle accelerators are not powerful individually, but
    they have the inherent ability such as electricity
    through a coil of making magnetism. This type of
    magnetism is much Much different, in fact, this would be
    considered magnetism Through time. Not through space.
    these waves are then amplified (This is the Graviton
    Generator, focusing and redirecting to a point all of the
    waves), and then frequency adjusted. Okay, at this point
    we have a bank of supercomputers crunching away and
    attempting to determine a specific space/time coordinate.
    As I said previously there is guesswork involved in
    hitting a specific time. The frequency is tuned in,
    locked in, and once a communiqu? is made the locking is
    almost instantaneous and can be remade again and again.
    The information is then sent through wireless tcp/ip
    protocols, this "Bridge" is bi-directional and as we
    adjust forward in space-time for each command given, we
    are able to send/receive as if in real-time. The problem
    with the initial communications and very first attempts
    just to navigate the http interface (which is now
    considered Ancient). The problem was trying to time the
    focus of our gravitons to a specific space-time
    coordinate, even time is 3x3. Once an "Adjustment" was
    put into place, we were able to batch commands, send
    entire messages as fast as computerly possible. Just had
    to write them here first. Around Feb 2005 certain
    wireless routers come online in an area where I am
    currently located. This is the furthest back I would be
    able to communicate.

    Let the doors of communication begin. My focuses have
    changed, as has my major, but I will respond in time...

    Good luck everyone.

    (ps : a lot has changed since this original posting, however I felt the need to retain the original message.)
  10. StarLord

    StarLord Senior Member

    Jun 17, 2004
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    Re: Welcome All, from 2026

    As Paul has used all the good bullets, each one a bullseye;

    Zeshua, you are going to have to do much better than your first salvo. You have a most difficult task of proving your self.

    Why have you contacted the past?

    What do you seek to change in your time as what ever changes you may affect here will have no bearing in your time line?
  11. MisterE

    MisterE New Member

    Jan 16, 2005
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    Re: Welcome All, from 2026

    You say on your public profile your birthday is 7th December 1941 making you sixty three in human years and eighty five in saddo years. Is this about right?