Doc 05

I was getting ready to retire out of 30+ years in the military and trying to figure out what I was going to do with myself. I always liked X-files and Art Bell and most of my military is in ground recon and intelligence, so I started going into the paranormal, ufo, etc. research. So I remembered an advertisement for a Time Machine I think in Fate magazine so I started tracking it down and found Steven Gibbs and the HDR. In my search I was having trouble finding anyone who owned an HDR that would talk bad about it. I found plenty of people who did Not own an HDR that said all sorts of negative things; this is what got attention. So I'm trying to figure out what the HDR is doing.
I believe that the HDR is synchronizing both hemispheres of the brain via the time coils around the forehead while stimulating the Pineal gland and also synchronizing with the "second brain" (gut) via the electromagnet on the stomach chakra. The loading of the witness well with a crystal provides a base Schumann's resonance along with the radionics type stick reaction for the rates and frequencies for the desired results provided by your own subcon.
In other words the HDR is a shortcut to years of meditation and a brain "hacking" tool to do about anything.
I just bought a EEG machine to help test these therories
Along with other experiments
Hawthorne, Florida
Retired Military


Have HDR,
Will Travel