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  • Sunday, January 22

    "Then, let those ideals, spiritually and mentally, be the guiding influences, and the material things of life will come in their regular course."

    Edgar Cayce reading 2655-1
    Floods in both Hemispheres, different seasons at the same time wonder have far earth is tilting right now!
    I'm still trying to figure out which of us are on the Heads or Tails side. :unsure:😁
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    ^^^Sorry....T'was my poor-ish, dry humour attempt at faulting Flat Earth concepts.
    Monday, January 9

    "...dreams are that of which the subconscious is made, for any conditions ever becoming reality is first dreamed."

    Edgar Cayce reading 136-7
    Thursday, January 5

    "Keep true to yourself and to those experiences of the inner self. For the psychic is the soul. The soul must grow and be commanding, not demanding."

    ECRL 931-1
    Monday, December 19

    "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good, with deeds of kindness, a cheery word, a smile, a slap on the shoulder. An encouraging word to the faltering gives strength not only to those who falter but aids yourself more."

    ECRL 279-4
    Saturday, December 10

    "What is good? How is such defined in your life - of awakening to all the possibilities that exist in your intake of life and its phases? To do good is to think constructively, to think creatively."

    ECRL 1206-13
    Wednesday, November 30

    "All do not think alike. All approach according to their own concept."

    Edgar Cayce reading 3459-1
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