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    Can you prove to us that you exist?

    To prove that someone on the internet exists you only need to acquire their birth certificate. On the other hand, if you are demanding that the OS hacker who is messing with you by hijacking your internet protocols prove to you their existence, then you are on the same ship as I am. They will...
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    What I've Learned about Alligators

    Is this a photo of the mysterious marsh creature only talked about but never seen?
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    America's Future

    Are you looking for the word, Society? The center of all things in the world.
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    “Quantum Alchemist” Who I am, and why i’m on paranormalis

    Welcome. You are interesting. I will like to see what you share with us here.
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    I'm not Christian yet I think we're living in Revelation

    " Maybe the Illuminati go by the Bible as a playbook to make things seem like prophecy happens" You are correct. However, the illuminati was a private University school club headed by a professor, Adam Weishaupt. The illuminati is, in fact, the very same program we have here in America today...
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    I need help with the paranormal

    I have waited long enough. I want to share that these signals can penetrate foil paper and poke holes into them. However, if I am mistaken then that would mean that I am not under assault by radio wave but by something with a body.
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    Gravi-Time new project started

    I believe that you have something correct going on here, james. If you will, please continue with your project. I do not understand what all the fuss is about with time travel but this is definitely dangerous territory. You are a step away from proving that time exist from the date you last...
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    A secret about electricity

    Ignored. I can wrestle you all day or one of us can just walk away.
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    There is the illegal immigrants south of North America that match your description of pleiadians. :)

    There is the illegal immigrants south of North America that match your description of pleiadians. :)
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    Confirmed Hoax I have slipped the shackles of time.

    What did he mean by this: "gender fluid ethnic minorities are not welcome here."
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    Confirmed Hoax I have slipped the shackles of time.

    Hey, you have yet to meet me yet. One of your news article came true: "Small Spud Flu" The Sun Now, Goofy, please stick around and answer my questions. I will await your response before I present to you my questions.
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    Some spell to finish a relationship?

    My apologies.
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    Some spell to finish a relationship?

    From what I know during my studies, every race came to be by the study of magic. One race does not simply say, we want to start our own nation; not in the least--they would be themselves a new branch of magic. It was magic that birthed nations; not kings. And in following the old tradition of...
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    A secret about electricity

    " It is not in your purview to determine who may post in which thread." - In fact, it is in my best interests to deny you any further posts to this thread. All that you are doing is looking for an individual target to shame. Ever heard of targeted individuals and gangstalking? You are making one...