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    I need links to magick and occultism sites on the deep web

    I have this link retrocausality | RealityShifters Blog its not deep web, but its deep. I'm still learning about acceptance. Do you want to change something from the past?
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    Different dimension or parallel universe?

    read: many lifes, many masters. Brian Weiss
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    Debate can we send our conscious or memories to the past? to a younger state of ourselves.

    I almost send my mind to past... and I didn't planned to do it. I tell you what I did. I cried a lot. I felt loneliness and stuff... you know. It was late in the night, I was on my bed. When I felt I had enough, I stopped. Then I started to feel more clean and ok. After a while, random...
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    I need links to magick and occultism sites on the deep web

    occultism is not a good thing... is the dark knowledge of the dark ones. Fear god, and you will have all the wisdom you need.
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    cool. I wonder if its like Trojan Horse by JJ Benitez I found an interesting video of Jeshua talking aboit Atlantis, and the current world sitiation. Let me look for it in English.
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    I had a pretty crazy quick change timeline with ex-wife

    Im stucked in the level of just having a dream, and it is not lucid... You already crossed the line... and went back. If you really wanted, you could stay there. What kind of techniques were you practicing? Does your ex-wife know how LOA works? Does she believe in quantum shifting? A few days...
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    wrong number

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    How i learned time travel and what it is.

    the key to activate windows 98? cool! My child past-self would be really happy of having that XD
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    Lerina Garcia

    I dare to affirm that her second boyfriend could a do succesful travel to the past and cancelled everything by avoiding to have a relationship with her; everything connected to that universe/timeline was affected anyway. The only evidence we have as a proof of this, are the memories of Lerina...
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    I Had Many Astral Projections in 1994-1998

    I was leaving my body two or three nights ago. I became desperate and went mad immediatly, screaming. There was no guard. Some kind of angel is taking care of you. Some kind of demon loves kicking and annoying my dog every single night he falls asleep. Many years ago I remember I was floating...
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    lost christmas movie 2011

    oh come on you have to watch the whole movie until the end to discover why I posted it specifically on this section. Probably many people on this site will feel identified in some ways with this. I want to avoid the use of spoilers... see it first!
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    lost christmas movie 2011

    A good movie to see.
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    Galactic Federation of Light

    Many theories, Many speculations. One thing is for sure, we are reptiles slaves. Galactic Federation is okay. Ashtar is reptile. Keep one thing in mind: reptiles are dangerously tricky and clever.
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    lets try a quantum jump

    i dont know. LOA has worked in me in different ways. A long time ago I was a big fan of 8bit stuff (videogames, music, culture) and I was always thinking in things related to 8bit. One day I was walking on the street and I found a small toy skateboard with space invaders design. The coincidence...
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    lets try a quantum jump

    we were going to eat pizza. But everything was closed. So the missing data in order to complete the quantum jump is the food, because if I hadn't lost the money, I had gone back with my pals and we had looked for something to eat, then I wouln't cut the pockets of my coat and the saved money I...