alternate histories

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  1. J

    Does anyone have any experiences with Parallel Dimensions/Timelines?

    I have heard many stories of people who had traveled to other dimensions/timelines, although the huge majority of them are made up, i always find the matter interesting. Does anyone here on the forum have any witnesses/experiences to share? Thanks in advance.
  2. Antinventor2020

    Returning to original timeline/universe

    I know it’s highly unlikely any of us have time travel, if any at all, but let’s say hypothetically, one of us managed to travel to the distant past, accidentally altered the past, and thus the future. Would it be possible in theory for one to return to their original timeline? Thanks
  3. Antinventor2020

    Ways to view alternate timelines and worlds

    This thread is dedicated to the discussion of devices and methods to view the alternate worlds and universes or hypothetical methods
  4. darkangelforlyfe

    lucid state who is she

    So one night I sleept had a lucid dream of this girl older than me I was in my room She was on my bed saying something about having kids I saw that same woman I think in the next dream she was at my grandma house she was dressed in black holding a knife older than me she was about to lunge at...
  5. Classicalfan626

    Suggestion: Additional Time Travel Subcategory

    I was thinking, in regards to time travel, there seems to be a lot of talk mainly about theories of time travel, time travelers themselves, and asking for advice on how to change the past to fix a few trivial personal mistakes. And now I'm thinking we ought to add some spice to this great...