1. OakFieldAlienz444

    Walkie Talkies to attract UFO's with "tones"

    I've been wondering what exactly causes this as I think there's some truth to it. I played some of Dr. Greer's tones into a walkie talkie and did indeed see some UFO's later that day. Do the aliens hear the tones and think a ship is nearbye? Greer thinks its intent but I'm not sure what it is...
  2. Classicalfan626

    UFO Calling

    A while ago, a fellow member here on Paranormalis suggested a technique, through private conversation, for getting UFOs to come close to where you are. It's called UFO calling, and I'm not 100% sure how it works. But from what I've heard, you go outside, sit down, close your eyes, and for at...
  3. Classicalfan626

    Alternative method for contact

    I have been pondering over whether or not it's worth it to set my CB antenna up on the roof, because I'm on the fence on if my CB radio will work properly given I live in a very mountainous area. It may not be worth it no matter how high I get my antenna to be, and it may not be worth the money...