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  1. P

    Media Caught this on my camera Troll Demon Spirit Ghost Paranormal ?

    Troll Demon Spirit Ghost Paranormal ? Evidence of other dimensions realities densities and realms. The world we see is but a small spectrum of the larger Universe. Moved to a new place and caught this on my security camera. Looks like some sort of mini troll. Don't know what it is. You can see...
  2. Beholder

    Mephala worship

    What is the worst that could happen if you worship a made up monster from fiction? Is it the idea itself that makes it good or bad, no matter where the values came from? Could a fictional demon still possess you and drive you into madness from the subconscious making it real? Or are fictional...
  3. WitchyCrow13666

    Hi New Witch On Here

    Darlings I Currently Live In Texas But I Plan On Moving Away To New Mexico & I Also Currently Live In A Temporary Homeless Shelter. For Women For Months Now/Around Christmas To Be Accurate Due To Naturalized Birth Citizenship Issues And Socioeconomic...
  4. Nikola tesla

    Hii everybody

    Hii my name is Esli. I'm 21 I'm from a littel country the netherlands/holland.I'm coming from a big family of 7 brother and sisters I'm new to this forum. I believe that I found this forum not by Chance but that it was meant to be and that I will find many answers on the questions that I have...
  5. V

    Demon / alien encounter at home

    I heard something walking outside of my bedroom window in the middle of the night so I went out to see what it was (sometimes small animals roam around our house but this didn't sound like an animal) and I saw a little creature that scared the s*** out of me. I recorded it and uploaded to...