1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Giarrusso's Future Prediction for USA 2025-2035

    I strongly believe in the USA between the years of 2025-2035 the motorcycle culture will make a strong comeback. Reason 1: Cars will be to expensive and people will still need to go places for less money. It will be cheaper for somebody to to take a training program, achieve a license, and buy...
  2. Beholder

    Are people from the future dumping garbage in our oceans?

    Everyone claims to solve their garbage problem, yet beaches are littered with trash. Unless some are lying, there is only one logical explanation. People in the future got angry at us for the greenhouse gases and took revenge by relabeling the dates on their garbage and sending it back to our time.
  3. OakFieldAlienz444

    What do people see as the future of the paranormal?

    What do you think? Will it fade into the oblivion or will it be seen as the same way it is now something that may or may not be real or will it be one day proven?
  4. OakFieldAlienz444

    What if the past was SUPPOSED to be our future? What if we're de-evolving?

    If you go back far enough the world was actually more advanced technologically and spiritually both according to some researchers like Graham Hancock, David Icke, and others. Now we're like cavemen hitting each other over the head with sticks but we're doing it in virtual reality. What if the...
  5. Antinventor2020

    For those who have a HDR and are willing to use it, I have a series of tests for you

    If you have a Hyper Dimensional Resonator, and want to prove it, I have some tests for you. Firstly, if you can see into the future with it, go to the future and look for a guy named “Filigenzi”