time travel experiments

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  1. Magic

    The Quantum Observer

    Hey there, I want to pose some questions related to time: Does the act of observing the past through time travel actually change it? Could the observer become entangled with the past, causing unintended consequences in the present, like a butterfly effect on a cosmic scale? This raises questions...
  2. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Time Travel Question 1

    If a mysterious person came up to you and offered to send you 20 years into the future, but it will be a one way trip with no way back and your whole family is also invited to partake in this trip. Would you do this?
  3. Help

    Marshal Barnes

    Has anyone heard where Marshal Barnes' experiments could be taking place? I've only seen claims of his studies but I haven't seen anything on his location or where his lectures take place. I follow him on Twitter/X but I he hasn't been posting much related to his research.