A Movement of the mind.

Oct 18, 2019
If I can understand what directions are and dimensions are different types of directions. By definition I can comprehend higher dimensions because I have a reference point in which to add mathematically to determine what directions higher dimensions have.

time measures dimensions and dimensions exist in space and without time space doesn't move but without space time cannot be defined and without dimensions nothing that exists within space has structure but dimensions exist independently of whatever exists that it defines because dimensions and dimensions of something and consciousness is unknown because two things colliding doesn't create understanding so the cause and effect is unknown and in effect defines the way I understand all the above because If I don't understand myself how can I accurately understand all the above. In other words, time in defined by movement and movement is defined by objects moving within another object but how can time and space exist within the same plane, and or measure each-other and effect eachother if by definition they are separate. this line of logic continues to all the above creating a temporary paradox.
infinite timelines
are the sum of existence

steven chiverton

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Dec 8, 2015
ive listened to other similar videos and noticed nothing new happening only twice after listening for hours at a time to the roswell revisited video on youtube and when walking outside in the day i felt very light or enlightened like my reality was crystal clear


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Sep 12, 2017
It might take hours at a time to get anything from the videos, people seem to want quick fixes.

Though when you read all the comments on a lot of these videos some do say it helped them. Each to their own if you get some results from what has been listened to thats good.

As well as that some people might be suited to different means as we dont see things in the same way.

It could also come down to spending time to find one, which may not be included here to see what resonates more with the particular person or what they feel comfortable with. Keep searching.........

What i do find to be important is a good headset, not the little earpieces ones that can block out all exterior noise so concentration can't be interrupted, but then again that also depends where and when you listen.
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