Airbus Unveil The 2050 Transparent Plane


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Would you fly in a transparent plane? It must be amazing to see all around the plane without looking through small windows on the sides. I'm not sure I'd choose this one for my first flight ever, although it must be amazing at night time too! uh!


With its see-through aircraft cabin, passengers of the future will get a get a window on the world as they fly through the sky.

For this plane with it's 'intelligent' cabin wall membrane and interactive games, may be everyday air transport in 2050.

The futuristic concept for travel in 40 years time has been unveiled in London by planemakers Airbus - and it'll terrify those who already have a fear of flying.

More pictures and details here:
oh hell yes,,, they finely come up with a plane that has a view.... I'm ready well almost do I have to go through the TSA grope line to board the flight cause that just aint goin to happen. the wife is kinda picky bout who touches my stuff, and she gets real mean when you piss her off