Are aliens time travellers?


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aliens are dimensional time travelers

you must understand it is very important for you guys to understand that there is no such thing as time outside of the roam of your species.. you describe this movement of events as TIME.. in order to fit the script you call life otherwise you would literally go insane

but yes when it comes to the basics.. aliens are time travelers.. anyone who doesn't belong in your timeline is a time traveler


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...He said he was once in a picnic. There were three high ranking generals at it. Then he saw a typical classic 50's flying saucer. OK so one of the generals said - that is one of ours. He could not believe that we build em. Before that he thought they all came from outer space.

Well, this guy told me.

The aliens are not aliens, but they are us. In fact, they are not grays. Most are future humans that use time travel to come.


I think that's a pretty narrow view of things, given what we know now.

There are multiple reports from former insiders (Clifford Stone, Phil Schneider, et al) that there are at least 11 races of ETs visiting this planet all the time, but that dozens of others, including the so-called 'greys' are known to stop by, as well.

But, speaking of "us from the future," get a load of these recently-published photos of super tall, human-looking people. They are unofficially known as "Observers", reportedly from our future, but also quite possibly some "engineered", too (e.g. the soldier). No, these are not 'shopped' photos or regular-sized people in the foreground, distorted by depth perception / optical illusion (have to admit, tho, the one standing "next to" Air Force One could be...).

They apparently use cloaking to conceal themselves most of the time (a form of tech which the US Secret Service uses, and that the late Al Bielek talked about on several occasions ), but sometimes they appear briefly and show up in photos. Don't ask me how or why. I have no idea.

Anyway, here are the photos. You be the judge...

US Army "Super Soldier," with yellow vest at least 2x smaller than regulation. (Apparently, they don't issue 'giant' size). There is video of this, too, which confirms it's not fake.


And the following are US Secret Service "Observers" (again, these are not 'shopped' photos):




Are these us from the future? Hybrids? What do you think?
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^you mean mutations.

The answer is yes.

You been interfered with for 75 years that you officially KNOW of in your timeline, and cant do anything about it either.

as I keep saying.. SLAVES.