Are there in the Universe, secrets we are not meant to know?

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Paranormal Conviction

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As far as our government keeping the secrets about aliens and time travel, You may need to take that up with them as to why the felt it necessary not to tell the general dumb public.
I can only share with you my first hand experience with the grays and unless you were there you will most likely always question the report.
It seems to be a very easy secret to keep from the GDP as it sounds more like science fiction.

I believe the reason that has been used to keep it a secret is based on the reaction from the GDP over the "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast.

So the question still remains as to tell the GDP or continue to remain silent.
The exception would be to allow some open minded folks as on forums like this one to be given limited information.
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As I said in another thread (and as this guy said in the video, in that other thread), the Universe is big. It's really, really big! It got to contain secrets, mysteries that are just as ... mysterious and secret, as the Universe itself is huge and infinite. I like open questions like that!

Are some things beyond what intelligent life can possibly comprehend, no matter what/when/how? Will those things always be, ultimately unreachable for our minds, or is there a chance that everything can be understood and learned by various means?

I guess the best example would be this: How and why was the universe created? Seriously, unless you can actually talk to the creator himself, who lives outside of the Universe, since he created it (for instance), it's unlikely that you'll ever get an answer. Maybe you can find or get an answer, but you'll never the answer.

Well then, do you believe there are things out there, that we, living beings of what we call the universe, are not meant to know?

If you have read the book of the lamb, you will not post this kind of question. God want that you know his Univers, because he want that his creature grow in knowledge.
I have posted the book in this forum if you are interessed. But maybe with an scientif mind, effectively Univers cannot be Understand because God dosn't want that scientifics understood his Univers. They have attempt to sit in the trone of the Univers, but it was to extradimentionnal for us, and personnaly, the only seat for a scientific is in the water closed.
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secrecy thats a word that hides alot a heavily used word by the governments of the world and the militaries always have an attachment to it as they look for everything they can weaponize and use against there future enemies but when it comes to using it thus exposing it to the world they just berry it like a dog berrying a bone that it wont chew on so its hidden away from us all when it can be used to benefit mankind and when scientists die and take there secrets to there graves the technology evolution devolves even more because of the secret selfishness and we are falling behind space bearing aliens because the suppression of technological advancements

Dear shiverton, stop to laught at others peoples that have not your big background. I think that you know everythink of the secret technology now, you are more advance than somes aliens species. There is no secrets, you have all the "secret" documentation. What do you want more ?
If you want a cristaloïde capacitor, take somes glass, an aluminium tape to each face ---||--- you see ? and break glass that is between the aluminium electrode with an hammer. You have a next gen capacitor. Earth have all the elements we need to make all we want.
Even advanced computer cristal. The problem is money.