Are you a time travel wannabe

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steven chiverton

Senior Member
great one professor thats one of the reasons why ive never fully tested my home built hd out apart from having no vortex locally to operate it over only the electromagnet never even tried the time coil out around my head yet so testing and experimenting with the electromagnet only was safe , but when you move your watch it spins one way move it around again at the front of the electromagnet it then spins the opposite way so we have 2 feilds a north and south at the one end and to prove this some time back i shot a video and uploaded it to YouTube of me carefully hold 2 identical watches at the front of the electromagnet and moving each watch carefully to get them each on the em line as i put it so they both spin at the same time in opposite directions from each other strange so i googled a few sites online about electromagnets having 2 poles at the one end and asked a few questions and not one single answer came back to the question's i asked about that . heres a link to my video of that experiment


I do not want to put anyone down, that has a belief system that an HDR is the only answer. If you were to research, who is doing what, when it comes to real physical time travel, would need to take a strong look at the larger governments of the world. And how they’ve accomplished it even though an estimated 4,000 to 6,000 people were lost with all the governments doing legitimate real physical time travel research. I am not trying to be pessimistic or trying to talk anyone out of of time traveling. My posts was only to bring the attention to how dangerous time travel has been over the last 75 years. Any wannabe a time traveler needs to go into this subject with their eyes open and asking a lot of questions.

Professor Opmmur

of course it dangerous Professor but still do u believe in Astral Projection time Travel using the all in the mind power but it just like the Montauk project where they use the psychic to open the that all in the mind i just wonder if you know that..but body time travel is dangerous so i could not do that but Astral Projection.


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Time travel is supposed to be a threatening trip. But if you find a way to travel through time, you feel that God is getting closer and closer to you.