Best Paranormal Movie Ever


I was curious about this!
So, what is, in your opinion, THE best Paranormal movie ever? It includes all the Paranormal spheres, from Aliens to Time machines!

And which one did you find the worst?

I'm hopeful to read what you think!!
Without a doubt, it's Back to the Future. Time travel at its best! I keep watching this movie again and again and it's still as good as it was the first time.

BTTF rocks!

The worst paranormal movie... let me think. The happening! ...Oh wait! Battlefield Earth!!!

Best: Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Worst: Any of those Leprechaun Pieces Of Sheet.

Inception, I should watch this movie. Some people said it was "Matrix on steroids". People I know who watched it loved it.

Oh.. They Live! That was awesome!
Back to the Future for me too, I love it. Well I love them all, especially the first two :D

Poltergeist is one I always enjoy watching too. Oh, and the The Frighteners... that's always a good watch.
I saw Inception. That was awesome. I saw The Hereafter. that was great, too. But I am going with the King's Speech. Not only was this a great movie, it was heart tugging and inspiring. I have a tendancy toward stuttering, too. And I can feel for the King. It is embarrassing, especially when someone tells you to stop stuttering to your face all the while he has a smile on his. I have worked and worked to not stutter. I have found my brain works too fast for my speech and I have to tell it to stop and wait for it to catch up. It works for me. And Colin Firth is one of my favorite actors. o that is my prediction.
Poltergeist was pretty classic and very creepy. I keep hearing about Inception but I haven't seen it yet.

Worst movie I think would be..."Death of a Ghost Hunter" comes to mind but I at least sat through it cause it cracked me up. Ending was ok lol.
Did you guys enjoy GhostBusters II ?

The first one was great, but I didn't think so about the second one...uh!
Inception was good, I don't know about that or LOTR being "Paranormal".. When you say "Paranormal" stuff like Alien, Alien vs Predator, E.T. etc come to my mind..