BIZZARE! Before anyone jumps on me I am not saying I believe a word of this but the CDC apparently says Covid was never isolated

This has to be some kind of virus. Otherwise it would not have been able to do the things it has done.

I don't see it that way. With over 200 hundred cold viruses and an unknown number of flu viruses to get us, I think any one of them could have been used for a fear mongering campaign. As to what it has done? Well that is a topic all by itself.
Whether it exists or not could be speculated on with investigations @Einstein. In theory we could compare data of historical events of those other 200 virus’ and colds and see the rates presented then compared to the current state of those cases this last year or two. I think I did this previously and it was under half, speculation lead me to believe previously they were deeming fatal events not solely caused by the virus But maybe carried the virus as cause of death being the virus even though they just carried it. I think (I don’t know) that it has to do with money. Like everything else. From the government funding the doctors and hospitals. But who knows. that was last year and I didn’t go in that much depth with it. I rolled my eyes and inconclusively (my opinion not fact) ended up saying if it is real just add it to the list of things out there. Regardless people are not the Cleanest and it’s always good to be aware of that. I grew up running around town as a kid and it’s pretty seldom I get sick. This Mac-roni virus happened. If anything it helped me stop touching my face as much at least lol. But same routine pretty much. Nothing to bunch the panties up about. But if you’re a dirty person and stick your fingers in your mouth yeah you may be getting sick lol. But that’s nothing new