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Hey everyone,

As promised in a previous announcement in December, here’s more new stuff for 2024!

Before we get started, I want to mention that XenForo v2.3 hasn’t been released yet, so we’re still running on the “old” current theme. No one knows when they’ll release it, other than they’re running late. I’d guess it’s going to get out in March, but who knows?

Alright, today’s topic is content curation.


Paranormalis is a pretty old site in terms of Internet time. And for a forum, it’s even older. This means we have a lot of content, old and new. Stuff that dates from up to nearly 21 years ago, sometimes even more — you’ll see.

Considering this, we thought it would be interesting and worth the effort, to unearth some of our old, but best content, and clean it up to today’s standards. In my mind, curating doesn’t mean remastering or anything special or very transformative. It’s not about recreating old posts. It’s mostly all about removing the dust and making this content shine again.

Here’s what we do when curating a thread:
  • Fix broken links
  • Fix broken images and attachments when possible.
  • Basic grammar and syntax check. We make sure it doesn’t change the content, the message it carries, and/or the tone.
  • Splitting walls of text into paragraphs when necessary.
  • Rename the thread to a better-suited title.

Also, curated threads will most likely receive a “curated” tag, to identify them as such. This way, they’ll be easy to find and organize. Later down the road, I’ll add groups of curated threads to the Vault, so that they have better visibility.

The Vault will be updated accordingly.

Last Saturday, I got to finish curating all of the TEC-Time static content. Over a dozen pages that were missing have been added, and the entirety of the pages have been cleaned and curated. Additionally, I’ve created a TEC account, to which all these pages belong.

Take note that these documents date from 2000 to 2002, so they appear older than Paranormalis, which can feel a little odd. Don’t freak out, though, you didn’t switch timelines! ;)

Here’s a snippet of an updated TEC thread:


For now, I still have a couple of details to work on, to be truly done with TEC’s static contents. I’ll work on that here and there.

The next thing I plan to look at will be TEC’s old forum. I found it by accident when browsing the depths of their static site. I’ll analyze it properly and see if we add it to our Chronovisor.

Here it is if you’re curious to check it out:
Tec Time Organization Message Board

I haven't decided yet what I'll look at next, so we’re open to suggestions, as to what kind of content you’d like to see curated. From general subjects to specific threads. We’ll be more than happy to look at it

Updates will be posted in the thread as things progress.



I've improved the way RSS feeds the forum receives are handled. RSS feeds are articles from other websites that get posted automatically on the forum when published.

@Occultist, @Swp57, @Common Sense Conspiracy, and @Cryptozoology News now all have a forum username, to which all their articles belong.

Here's what they look like:

Note that Common Sense Conspiracy has been running empty for a couple of months. And that Cryptozoology News is no longer online.

Also, NASA Mars helicopter flight status updates have been disabled and won’t be posted anymore. Such threads that had 0 replies have been deleted.

I'll try to add new sites to our RSS feeds soon, suggestions are welcome!

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Been working on one of our longest threads by cleaning it up a bit here/there.

It was once entitled Chronovisor Videos.
I asked all our members whom are participating to come up with a new title as,
its content has veered away from its original form and many of the original videos are literally gone
and are not even replaceable. (!!)
For anyone still interested in video content about The Chronovisor,
I have made a new thread.

With help from @Num7 I have placed some interesting bits about the device in this new thread
and I would like to invite everyone's participation.
If you have any content that fits this new Chronovisor thread, please do post it! :)

We'd love to hear it!!