Aug 1, 2016
he worked his way up just like all humans from the ground up into his 15 million dollars or 20 or whatever it is and his son 2-3 billions
That is suspicious.
he LOVES animals
OK that counterbalances it a litte bit.

they are good family.. eventhough he can come off a little nuts.. he LOVES animals he already earned a sit in YH home right at the table of Jesus of Nazareth who is jew by the way.. jew that did his own thing but jew with a vision and special jew as you all know by now.. by the way alex jones ALSO earned a sit in YH home.. right at that same table.. he just doesn't know it yet so don't tell him.. he think he does but he doesn't.. he earned it too
How do you want to know who gets a place and who not?

he just doesn't know it yet so don't tell him.
I will not tell him. That is as sure as the amen in the church. I am not a celebrity that can talk to other celebreties and they listen to me or something like that.:D
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