COVID vaccines cause miscarriage & birth defects

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My opinion is that the science of vaccines definitely makes sense and in many instances works just fine.
But to say that every vaccine is perfect is pure ignorance and just as crazy as an anti-vaxxer who thinks you lose your soul if you take one.

Here's proof. I don't think NPR is exactly an Infowars style site is it?

But also....most of the time vaccines are a PREVENTATIVE.
And I fully believe in this.
It was always my understanding that a vaccine is basically putting a dead virus in you
to PREVENT you from having your immune system get compromised by something
it doesn't recognize. That makes TOTAL sense to me. The thing I don't get
is why vaccines are being promoted as candy now, and like a cure-all for everything. And why they
assume that anyone who doesn't want a million of em simply doesn't "understand the science"

Not everyone is born the same way. There's basically a straw man argument that those who are hesitant are all
crazy middle aged moms that run around swamps praising Jesus or something that they call "Karens"

Not everyone who's vaccine hesitant fits that description but because of Family Guy everyone thinks it.
And also because there's some people who do fit that description.

And sure---there's a lot of weird people.
Clearly COVID just keeps mutating and adapting, it doesn't seem to matter
how many vaccines we make.
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Here, you don't get to see a doctor. They test you from your car and then tell you to go home.
If found positive after testing from your car, on the way home it is best to see a doctor who will certainly know what treatment to be applied. Here, the immense majority of such prescriptions include “ivermectin” and “arbidol” – which are prevented to enter the country (Romania) because the former government which we took down a few months ago bought 120 million doses of “vaccine” and now they have to get rid of those. The new government is making efforts to give permission of use for this medicine in the wide treatment protocols, but the devils interfere all the time and these medicine can not be found in drugstores, no even in hospitals. Luckily, most of the population has immunity gained naturally, which beats ANY vaccine.
I have a great respect for people who took the vaccine because they WANTED to and not because it was forced by the devils. This should be the “normal” situation everybody is talking about … just the same as it was with the flu vaccine – those who knew having certain conditions, took it by free will.

start at edge

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I think stuff like this doesn't work. I don't think anyone likes being talked to like they're five year olds
by cartoon characters. If the vax is our only hope this isn't how you get the message across.
Just makes the conspiracists look right when you can't walk one foot without seeing vaccines.
A big part of the best proof that this is not a pandemic but a pLandemic – it says here that the video is not available in my country, which is no secret for you guys – it is Romania … which, again, is probably the strongest anti-vaccination country in the world, it is the country where the government was unable to implement that “green passport” (or whatever it is called) at work (thanks to THE PEOPLE) … some adopted and applied this atrocity, for example cinema, theatre, stadium and other such places – but who gives a fuck ?! … malls, multinational stuff and some other units are closer and closer to getting bankrupt as less and less people go there (I never went to such places anyway) and it will probably come to what I predicted not long ago – the owners of such businesses will behead the devils themselves, the devils will turn against each other, which is fine, as a lot of effort on our side will be spared. So, the fact that a certain video is made unavailable in some certain country (damn – exactly the most anti-v one) says it all – I, for one, don’t need any additional proof. The devils started harming and hurting themselves … and that is just perfect (this I also predicted … and here we are). I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat – devils: do NOT fuck with Romanians or they’ll eat you alive … we are descendants of the Dacians.


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I've had two Pfizer shots AND the booster. I've had a pneumonia vaccine and a shingles vaccine recently too. In fact, I had the booster, the pneumonia vax AND the shingles vax all at the same time in November (at Kroger) - two of them in the same arm.
No ill effects.
I have diabetes and stage 3 kidney failure. I got vaccinated so that this stuff might not kill me.

Over the Christmas break I woke up with a sore throat and runny nose, small cough as well. Three days later I was over it. Don't know what it was, but I do know one thing - that's the fastest I've EVER gotten over a cold in my life.

This thing about everyone getting vaccinated is just asinine in the face of a mutation that infects you whether or not your vaccinated and can be spread by anyone vaccinated or not. What's the point, other than hoping it helps your own PERSONAL outcome should you get the virus.

It's certainly not a public health issue.

It's like wearing a mask. Even the authorities are now saying that whole masking thing was an utter waste of time.

Everyone that can get Covid is going to get covid. Just be glad it's evolving into a less severe virus. That actually makes sense, you know. No virus that kills its host can survive, so covid is evolving to a lower mortality.

No person that doesn't want the vaccine should be forced in any way to receive the vaccine. I believe in liberty, and forced vaccination (at least in the instance of this virus) is anathema to liberty.


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… we are descendants of the Dacians.

Romania is also a member of The Magic Trio!