Crime survey from another dimension

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There is a crime survey from this dimension that's off and I need to retrieve the same crime survey from another dimension but with a higher response rate. Can someone help me?


I think that when you have paranormal hoaxers they are simply attention seekers who are actually kind of skilled at writing science fiction but I could be wrong
We currently live in an age of disinformation, so it can be impossible to determine what is fiction from what is a fact. So it becomes necessary to use your brain. That's why there are so many hoaxers on subjects like time travel and UFOs, especially when subjects such as those fall into the category of 'paranormal', where hoaxes seem all but too common, and it becomes impossible to determine, what is a fact, and is fiction without the use of the said brain.


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I never try to embellish any of the claims I make.
To the best of my memory, I have had alien abduction experiences.
I freely admit these could be some new form of hallucination or government orchestrated
hoax or some kind of undiscovered mental illness.

I don't claim to know all the secrets of the universe or what will happen this year
or the next like these folks do.

However, if I ever do time travel? I'll be sure to let you folks know. lol.


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This shit has to stop. Only one percent of the forum has truly time traveled. Not having evidence is hard enough. Hoaxers don't know how to start their story out right. You have to have the right beginning. I didn't either but I learned lived been there done that. All hoaxers exit left.