Cursed items

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alpha centauri

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Dictators seeking magical relics for war usually plan to do lots of evil after selling their soul anyway, like selling futures in your own campany's stock high before shorting it by internal sabotage.
According to the bible, you can pray to God and he prevents the war. One prophet did this but I do not remember who. I think the Assyrian stoped because of this he had a change of heart and did not enter Israel.

alpha centauri

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From what i understand, to put a curse on someone you have to put a piece of paper with special hieroglyphics written on it into the persons pocket without them realising at first what you have done...

To reverse the curse, you must do exactly the same thing to the person who cursed you with that same piece of paper, without him or her realising it at first...Every curse is fulfilled within 24 hours of receiving the curse...Death from a Demon is the outcome!! :devilish: :eek:

I believe that for every action, there is an equal reaction so,
If true evil exists therefore true Good exists as well.

In my belief, the Light of God is far more powerful than any curse.
Did not Jesus or so put a curse of something into a pig? I dont remember everything of the bible but there was something with a curse of a demon and he put it somewhere else.

Edit: I found the part. Why Did Demons Ask Jesus for Pigs?


This is not a joking matter (to me) when talking about curses and the like.

I have a small-ish collection of 'Cursed Items' collected from people whom
have had very real paranormal activities occur. They are given to me, freely.

One is a pair of Red Dice that were observed to roll perfect sixes every single time
a person whom had a dark spirit attached to them, gave them a roll.
Like a sort of Demon-istic Divination tool. They are not 'loaded'.
I personally tried and they never worked for me.

These items have been blessed and are kept in their own spot, surrounded by sea salt.

Very much like the famous Warrens collection room.