Do We Live In The Past? Could This Explain Time Travel.

darryl wedgwood

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After been an avid "time travel" fan for many years it has always gave me cause to question peoples ideas and my own about the whole timeline present/past/future we live in.

For example:
I know that there is the odd story here and there about visitors from the past (time slips) but let's face it..most stories etc are about time travellers from our future (due to technology advancement).

So, my point is I here you ask, well, If we have visitors from the future or should i say they visit the past that would inturn suggest that we too live in the past. If this is the case then we could, providing the technology was in place, travel into the future.....But how far, there surely would be a limit as too how far into the future we could travel as time is continuos and being in the past we could only travel as far as time predicts...which could only be 1 year or 1 000 000 years.

Now if we are actually at the forefront of time then this would imply that the only possible direction of travel would be to the past which also brings up the question"can I change the past".
Well, in my opinion that would be no as you have already lived the moment.

Now onto JT, for what possible reason would you want to let everybody know about their future or should I say his past. The past has occured and no matter how much interferance, it's path will not be swayed..the outcome will be the same but through a different avenue due to the intervention of future travellers.

I digress, Do we live in the past?

I hope not! I hope we are at the forefront of time as the future is as scary as it is unsure.
Let me travel in one direction only as I at least know what too expect when I get there.
We most likely live in our present. If all times exist at the same time, then it seems we can only experience one moment at a time, does that make sense? It'd mean both future and past exist from our perspective.

I gotta say, I never thought about such a thing as the forefront of time. What's the ultimate future time that no one can go beyond? It sure looks like we're at the forefront of time because everything I do shapes the future. Again, it's always according to our own perspective.

it is written that there is no new thing
everything that is now was once befor
everything that will be already has been
so I would say we are living in what has been called the eternal now. like 7 said all time is here now, but we are either already past it ,or not there yet. consider this when we are born our bodys are running at there max speed. IE a babys heart beats faster than an adult and as the yrs pass it slows down a little every day. so we could say that we vibrate slower every day. and since everything known to exsist has a set vibration speed that says what it is .like a rock,tree,water . which brings me to a point of WTF. if we can speed up will we be in the future, or if we slow down will we go to the past I don't know:confused: and this train of thought make my head hurt. I need some QUERVO and a budwiser. did any of that make sense. ??????????
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