Does G's meddling with meat cause future cannibalism?


This is a protected thread subsequent to only it's posting forum standing, due to the possibility of the subject matter being active as a causal effect. However a wealthy ex-software company president wants to buy up all cattle growing land, with the option of forcing people to turn to eating a product that is only like meat.

I know that there's a hormone in some men, involved with meat, that if their forced off of consuming meat, then they start to become psycho-sexually weird.

To my way of thinking this is a non-analytical act, that could result in a back surge of some being desperately in need of eating meat and then turning to other other source of fresh meat, which may be other humans.

On The Best Of Art Bell, there was a fellow who was walking to a Halloween party that was frozen in place by what he said, { Was a high tech human male cannibal from the future }.

I'd like to know from you, is G's meddling with the availability of the supply of meat, cause a causal loop, to where a back-wave causes cannibals to occur in the future time? Thanks

Sources, This billionaire is buy up cattle land in the US


They want it to be side by side on the shelves so it can be picked up without notice. Or later down the track the label wont have rubber meat on it.