Fast Food Conspiracy?


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What about a fast food conspiracy? There are more and more obese people everywhere and people just love fast foods. Do you think there are drugs in fast food meals to make you addicted and more ?

A month ago I stopped eating and McDonald's. I had a hard time not thinking about it every 4 hours on the first weeks. I'm not that stupid and I'm not addicted to anything. I didn't understand why I kept thinking about McD's crap before every meal. It sure made me wonder why I was always suddenly feeling the need to get McD's food right in the moment. At some point, I considered the option that there's something in that food to make you addicted, which is stupid. Is it that stupid after all?

...Oh yeah, I gained 10 pounds too.

I know it sounds far fetched, but I'm sure I'm not the first one to go through this. I definitely felt like I was addicted to McDonald's food. I never felt such a thing regarding food.

What do you think ?
There are certain foods that I think we end up ordering over and over. The food could certainly be acting as a drug if it is triggering a certain chemical balance in your brain that a lot of people a prone to. That would explain their popularity. There were these wings that seemed like an addiction from this pizza place. Ordered there as much as possible. I'm not one that gains weight though but I'm sure it doesn't make it unhealthy for the heart.

I have seen the McDonalds documentary where the guy ate it 3 meals a day. You documented his health deterioration and weight gain. Really made me look at fast food differently. I also saw a documentary of where all our products come from as far as the corn, soy, poultry and all that made even more scared to eat fast food or most anything from the store LOL.

The conspiracy is that the huge corporations have their hands in our pockets and locked down the market on food mass production. We could be feeding the world but that would cut into profits.

I would never doubt that this is a conspiracy.
They say "be healthy, don't eat it! Etc." Ha! Try going a month without it. Good luck! It's everywhere, and it seems willpower against it is hard to come by.

I started trying to eat healthier. The funny thing is, instead of feeling better, I felt like absolute crud. Someone said it was because my body was going through a "cleansing".


Yeah, I heard of this cleansing thing before. I didn't eat any McDonald's crap for about 4 months now, I feel much better. I still feel an intense urge to eat that shit sometimes. I just try to forget it when I happen to think about it.

I don't feel like eating a Big Mac right now, which is awesome.
I don,t know what Mc ds does to the food in prep???? oils and all, but if the body doesn't see it as food it will be stored as fat . there are methods of processing that do make the body crave foods that don't trigger the full response makeing you eat all the time. the rumors have been flyin for some time now bout this very thing. I don't eat at Mc ds :rolleyes: well not very often but never have craved the stuff...
now a buffalow sandwich from GRANDMAS in Duluth Minn. oh thats a diffrant story all together:D
whever they do to the the food its not in the resturants themselfs, its got to be somewhere else. my girlfriend works at McD while she goes to college and so far as seen nothing out of the ordinary, BUT thats no to say whatever it is why would they let their vast number of employies know about it
Check out the documentary Super Size Me. You can watch it for free at I stopped eating at McDonalds shortly after watching it.
don't know how much of a conspiracies this is:cautious: but its most cert.wrong these guys are trying to kill us check out the ingredients for your fav. Mcnuggets that almost every kid in the USA just loves and eats on a reg. basis:mad: these clowns should be shot in the nuts,then hung by there toes, then shot again, then tased about 20 times, then spit chewin tobaco in there eye..ect...... you get the point...:mad:
oh yeh special thanks to my kid for the link I tryed three times:oops: got pissed and them was saved by a 14 yr old kid go figure :confused:
You know, it honestly wouldn't surprise me one bit. I think there are a lot of things companies will do in order to get more money. Have you heard about the doctors who prescribe pills that aren't needed? There was even a company recently that made millions of dollars for giving out some sort of medication when it had terrible side effects.

I think a lot of people eat whatever they want and while they may have a feeling it's bad for them, they choose not to find out exactly what they're eating because they'd rather not know. It's almost as if they think "what I don't know won't kill me" when in reality, it just might. It's pretty sad when you look around and see so many overweight people. I'm not "fat" myself, but I could definitely lose a few pounds. It's hard though with all the foods out there that are so bad for us. Why don't they put these addicting qualities in apples and salads lol, then we would all be skinny and in shape :)
Why don't they put these addicting qualities in apples and salads

it would put the doctors out of a job and they need there dope dealers so they can pay the rent on that new condo in th tropics