Fossilized Finger?

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freaky , maybe its a time traveller finger than was caught in the pass and couldnt return

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human have been on earth for a longer time than people say...

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I particularely enjoyed that part:
Some who claim to be scientists will immediately say, "It’s just a rock." They "know" humans did not live with dinosaurs, so it can’t be a fossil finger, no matter how much it looks like a finger.

Science proceeds in a different manner. Real scientists perform experiments that will test their conclusions. We sectioned this fossil to see if any indication of interior structure was preserved which would allow us to determine whither this was a fossil finger or a strange looking rock.

I've read once about some out of place artifacts, wasn't there a pipe somewhere that was going way down underground through solid rock ? I'll need to check it out again.
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Total crap and waste of electronic storage space.

The claim is that there's a bone inside there.

Meat don't fossilize folks.


The finger we're talking about here can be called "petrified" as well: They call it that way in both articles posted by cmac probably because petrifaction is in fact a form of fossilization (according to Wikipedia), which means that meat can fossilize when proper conditions are met :
In geology, petrifaction, petrification or silicification is the process by which organic material is converted into stone by impregnation with silica. It is a rare form of fossilization. Petrified wood is the most well known result of this process, but all organisms from bacteria to vertebrates can be petrified.
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After investigating a little and looking up some of the names involved it gets kind of weird. As soon as I noticed the I got the first hint of anti-science creationist propaganda. The guy that supposedly "discovered" it is a devout creationist. What are the odd of being a creationist and finding something like this? One would probably have a better chance of successfully navigating an asteroid field. I'm having a hard time believing these are all merely coincidences. I went into it wanting to believe but left disappointed.
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who need proof of anything arent most of you guys here to be entertain , seriously , why argue when you dont actually do anything about science and research , dont anyone else here have a lab or a place that they can work , look a kosol group on yahoo these guys i ve been following for more than 5 years and almost everyone there is actually working on a project of there own and show there face on youtube posting result of what they are doing , so please for those who are here just as a passenger , be silent an watch the show K
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Good points Num and Keroscene. That's what it is all about, researching these types of finds. Eventually see what the others in the field have to say about these finds over time, through more testing. Getting to the facts is the goal.

We all know a lot of things that come out, and some are shown to be very interesting and new discoveries that leave scientists scratching their heads, some are shown through testing to be nothing of signifigance.
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This is a bit of a late reply, but I read about this in a out of place artifact article.

I thought it was quite interesting, not sure how it would come about. Maybe an alien humanoid ancestor from long, long ago.