Full lunar map

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yeh thats sounds about right, but don't remined me. I don't like to think anyone controls me.
but I know, I only get to pick from the choices they offer.
its like asking someone, would you like to be hung with a new rope, or an old one, its your choice.
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Did you ear about the moon towers ?
Here they are: Moon Tower Evidence

That's a pretty good site, it talks about Mars also.
Ok, it's probably not the truth, but it's interesting.

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LOL those look more like ant hills from the deasert photo chopped in. just wish they were in foucus but somethin to look at huh.
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Giants anthills ?
That's possible lol

I mean, how can we know what it is anyway ? It can be anything.
It's an TV antenna !
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Do you think we're gonna get back to the moon, dude ?
(If you prefer, do you think we will go to the moon once lol ?)
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I have always wanted to believe we went to the moon and will go back
just have not seen any 100% evidence of it yet