Ghost never exist


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Ghost never exist

In the topic “All Human Have Been Tricked”. I explained that no ghost existed in the real world. They exist in the imaginative world which was created by each one’s aggregate of imagination.

If someone told me that they saw a ghost which flying or to do something scared him or her. I would believed them, because I knew they had seen the ghost by their eyes, heard a ghost’s voice by their ears, or the ghost chased them everywhere in the house to the back yard and so on.

I believed that they told the real story. But I understood that the aggregate of imagination of those people had worked and created image of ghost, voice of ghost, etc.
When the aggregate of imagination worked, it has an imaginative eyes, imaginative ears, imaginative nose, imaginative tongue. So those people could see the image of ghost by their eyes, heard the voice of ghost by their ears. By that time, no one else saw the ghost except those people, because the real ghost never existed, the ghost exists with the people who have the aggregate of imagination operated.

If we know those people who saw the ghost, we just explain them that their aggregate of imagination operated. In order to return to normal life, just live a normal life, do exercise by walking in the park more than half and hours, to do something by their hands such as painting the house, repair a car or to do something they like. Do not sit in the room alone, that person need to live outside in the social environment.

Gradually, that phenomena will disappear, that person will return to normal consciousness, the imaginative consciousness will weak and disappear.

Whenever that phenomena returns, using the Auto-self suggestion method to remind the mind that, “those images of ghost are imagination, not real, go away”. Just confidently believe the ghost is not real, does not exist, it will go away and disappear.

Notice that, normal person lives with a normal consciousness, when one slept, there are no normal consciousness, then the imaginative consciousness operates to make a dream. With who had seen a ghost, two consciousness (normal and imaginative) operated at the same time. Our goal is to help those people to return to normal life, eliminating the imaginative consciousness.

Good luck
I would say that you have ruled out the possibility that ghosts exists. You sound like an armchair debunker. if you are a skeptic, you should always remind yourself that there could possibly be evidence which could prove your stance wrong, so you should always look at the evidence of claims, or at least trust in a skilled paranormal researcher coming in with a null hypothesis and looking at all the evidence-such as Joe Nickell- before you come to a steadfast conclusion.

With all due respect, I must disagree.No, I do not have conclusive evidence that what is referred to as "ghosts" do exist that can be proven or scientifically meassured, I can only rely on encounters with "things" that are not my imagination, the product of any mental dysfunction, caused by any legal/illegal substances taken, nor in anyway impair my judgement in seperating "reality" from something knowningly "imagined". For over 20 yrs. I have roamed the battlefields of the American Civil War, talked to historical experts, writers, paranorrmal/historian experts, along with a few "crackpots" along the way. I have never conducted any polls, surveys,etc., but over the years I have begun to believe that where battles were fought in that war and men were killled, pick any battlefield, though some are more infamous than others for paranormal activities than others, and have come away with 2 basic beliefs:1.Ghosts do remain or return to locations where they were killed or had some attachment to and if that premise is correct, then, 2. There is no reason to believe that ghosts cannot nor do not exist in those locations where they died but can exist anywhere, if all various conditions are "right". I don't think it requires a great leaap of faith to go from ghosts at Little Round Top in Gettysburg, to Civil War ghosts in Fredricksburg, VA, to ghosts in abandoned family homes and graveyards.

Nice to see somebody that will ,at least, consider the "possibility of the existance" of other "things", for lack of a better word, not the most accurate though, that have co-existed in our world with us but are certainly not what one would describe as "living", that seem to want to hang around and cannot or will not go beyond what we mortals loosley define as "reality". I cannot prove what I have seen nor heard but know what evidence I have is based on first hand encounters or direct comments from others who have had other "odd things" interact with them or what they have observed that simply "don't make any sense". I don't try to explain "it", I simply state what happened to me. Like a newspaper reporter, I report what I saw or heard or had to deal with, others can accept it, reject it, or figure out ways to say it was "simply my mind playing tricks on me." To the "mind" issue, I would say that there must be something wrong with the human body, considering how long the generally "unexplained" have been floating around, that "we" still cannot point to one thing that can explain away the cause(s) of "their" apperances. If somebody can show me something or anything that takes care of the apperances, 100% of the time, I'd gladly listen and support them but so far, well folks, just between us, if I had a clue I'd be writing books not working for the government.
Good points Graveyard Hound. What is funny to me, is how today, people are so much more open to talking about their experiences with the paranormal, especially what they perceive as likely a ghostly encounter. Really seems today, the majority of the people now have had experiences that they state were of the ghostly nature. I guess everyone is just making stuff up??? No, they aren't. Something is going on, I think that is pretty obvious by now. When ghosts experiences are mentioned in public now, I've only encountered a few people who haven't had an experience, and most share multiple experiences or 'my house was haunted where I grew up, but I never told anyone until now.'

I've personally had a lot of experiences, and just as I thought things were slowing down in my house, my 9 year old daughter heard a little girls voice next to her in our upstairs bathroom. Either my daughter is the best actress I've ever seen, or she had a very real encounter. I lean, hard towards the latter. Plus, she and I both heard the same disembodied womans voice, just over a year ago. And multiple things have happened in my current home, and our previous house in town. It seems that our little town is full of ghostly experiences for some reason.

How many millions of experiences have to occur, before people realize that something very real is going on? Seems obvious to me. When does this just become common sense? I think to many people, it already is.

I'm glad that people are trying to put as much science as they can to the phenomena. Good for validation at least, but to people who've had dramatic experiences, scientific proof or not, it is a very real experience and phenomena.
Appreciate your comments. Nice to read comments that are well thought out and stated in such a way that is clear, concise, and stated in such a way that if point of agreement or disagreeent arise, one doesn't have to try and figure out what point one is trying to make. I would wish other comments, pro or con to my comments were all directed in such a manner. Thanks.
I look forward to the 2011-2015 years to see if there is an increase in paranormal activity in any Civil War battlefield, due to the 150 year reoccurance of that minor disagreement in Gettysburg, in particular, and the 600,000 soldiers that died in battles from the Atlantic to the Mississippi from 1861-1865.
I do believe in ghosts, I have seen one didn't imagine it. And my brother also saw it. How do to different people imagine they saw the same thing. I didn't tell him exactly what I saw just who I saw and asked if he saw and he said yes and he was scared. I asked what the figure was wearing and he described what I saw.
I have a hard time believing that several people seeing the same exact phenomenon are actually seeing the product of their imagination.

When you tell us that many people saw the same ghost all at the same time, that they all experienced the same thing, it's way more convincing, and much more likely that they were dealing with a real actual paranormal phenomenon.