Gibbs' Equations


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1)AC + DC = zero vector
2)high frequency + low frequency = zero vector
3)paramagnetism + diamagnetism = zero vector

1) Well, no, me as an electrhonics engineer I do not see why combining AC and DC gives a zero vector , zero vector of what ? is this a phasor ? ( electric vector whose orientation is described by pulsation )
2) Why ? if you mix high frequency ( which range ? ) + low frequency ( again , which range ? ) you do not get a zero vector
3) This to me seems more logical, paramagnetism and diamagnetism do exists becasue ot electronic spin , which give object the 'para' and 'dia' magnetism behaviour, but again , what is a zero vector ?


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You already addressed the so called "Gibbs Reports" that NaturalPhilosopher mentioned in his opening remarks , AC + DC=zero vector, high frequency + low frequency=zero vector and paramagnetism + diamagnetism=zero vector...

Dont expect anything more from him, he simply evades answering questions by asking other questions, as you can plainly see....His last resort is to ignore answering any questions, its an old trait of his :LOL:..