Gibbs Hyper-Dimensional Resonator

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Himalayan Hermit

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True as the device is meant to require faith for it to work and I ama person of faith, the device still doesn't work.
As commonly misunderstood, use of such methods does not require "religious" faith. Faith means your connection to the universal energy and consciousness. It's like when I'm using a Crystal to heal or to manifest, It's aligned with my aura and my frequency and that bolsters my faith. Not because I have faith in Christianity or Jesus Christ or Allah or Shiva. The universal consciousness is there for all and the distinctions by name/form do not matter.


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As commonly misunderstood, use of such methods does not require "religious" faith. Faith means your connection to the universal energy and consciousness. It's like when I'm using a Crystal to heal or to manifest, It's aligned with my aura and my frequency and that bolsters my faith. Not because I have faith in Christianity or Jesus Christ or Allah or Shiva. The universal consciousness is there for all and the distinctions by name/form do not matter.
Yes I'm aware of this information


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Does it work? For me, Yes! For others it becomes a stumbling stone. It can be overcome but that actually takes a bit of work on the operators part. Better if you are an experience Radionic Operator, the HDR will eventually work for you like it does for me. The best I could ever do with the machine was taking two trips through OBE and Astral Time Traveling. I wasn't keeping tracked of what days of the week. But more than likely, it was close to a full moon when using the machine. I didn't pay that much attention to full moon that Steven Gibbs told me works best. Professor Oppmeir suggests the same approach. We are now coming down from a full moon this month!

You know being an experience Radionic Machine operator, there are times I can't get the "Stick" no matter how hard I try. Even with the SE-5 the other day I was working in the "Analysis" section and I need to find out where some tunings were currently at after the most recent patterning broadcast. I just couldn't get a "stick" no matter what I did. I just quit and relaxed for about one hour and came back and got my "sticks" very easily. It's not that you or I are doing anything wrong but sometimes subconsciously we might be going a different direction with feelings, fleeting thoughts during that "stick" reaction time. It would be anyones guess. The best thing I found is just stop and rest and hydrate yourselves and then try to go back and to a re-analysis. I never changed the way I used the HDR over all these years.

The only physical phenomena I experienced was after about a 10-15 minute induction with the HDR. I had to go pickup my wife from work. What happened to me during that 30 mile run and what happened to my wife and I along with two other officers going our way, doesn't have a title or name that can describe it. But certainly we experienced it, in another place and maybe another time. One thing is for sure, it scared the Hell out of the two officers passing us up. I am not going to over the whole story again, I had written here I believe somewhere. After that, there was no way I wanted to go to any future or past physically it' because I know it can be done! That is what makes it all the more dangerous! This isn't a Disney trip you are wanting to take or some kind of fantasy vacation.

I only heard once a neighbor of Carl Novella was questioning Carl about this strange box with 4 knobs and it looked like the original HDR, Carl told me and just take it with a grain salt, that his double pounded on his door and he opened the door and his double handed him a package and said, it was from Steven Gibbs. He was stunned while the double was walking toward the main sidewalk and he yelled, "Wait a minute, I want to talk with you"! He looked back at him and simply vanished out of sight in broad daylight. Carl called Steven Gibbs and asked him, did he send a HDR to him and Steve said, "No" not the I know of, why do you ask"? Carl Novella explained to him what had happened and Steve told him, don't use that device! It came from a different dimension and it doesn't probably work according to our physics that links us in this timeline.

If you use it, you may never be able to return to this timeline. So, Carl took Steve's advice and put it in the closet. His neighbor, an associate, asked Carl how his time machine was coming along, he said, pretty good. His neighbor was about 24 years old at the time, Carl thought to himself and told his neighbor I just happen to have an extra HDR would care to use it? His neighbor took it gladly. A week later, he hadn't heard from his neighbor and he walked down the street to his house and his mother answered the door. She said, hi Carl, I have a question for you, ok he told her, "My son hasn't been home all week and we are starting to get worried about him. Have you seen him?" Yes, last week, I gave him a HDR, and she interrupted him, saying, "I seen that strange box you gave him, do you think it had something to do with his disappearance?"

Carl Replied: Maam I truly do not know one way or the other. He couldn't tell her, that his double came out of nowhere and handed the HDR that her son was using , she would have had him committed. Carl asked her, if you hear from him; can you have give me a call she said, sure. That was the last time I ever heard from him in all these years, there was a search for missing person about him several years later I found in an old newspaper in my old hometown that I read and it turned up nothing! Carl told me, he deduces that his neighbor was transported into another timeline where the machine was built. He couldn't come back. That placed me a bit back from his story and I am not sure why he didn't explain to his neighbor that it could be dangerous running a machine not built in this timeline. Of all his experiences under the pseudo name of HDRkid, this one in particular troubled me.

You probably heard of this time and time again but it's important enough to mention that, if you can't get a "Stick" reaction then use a "pendulum" and dictate what you want the pendulum to do or how to swing when you are using the tuning dial with the other hand, it maybe much easier to do than just rubbing the plate. I am very good dowser and this comes quite easy for me 99% of the time, except that one percent where I simply have to wait to re-do another analysis. I accept that ! How long will it take you to astral or OBE travel? Why this and not "Physical" time travel? Because you are a beginner and more than likely never time traveled before. There are certain restrictive natural laws for both our physical and energetic bodies, these all take part in these time travels. You've got to learn these and it isn't going to come from a book!

If you make a mistake and need protection when your over your head, OBE and Astral Time Traveling is the way to go to keep safe! Carl, Steven, Patricia Ress and myself and Slyvia a new owner of the HDR; all OBE and Astral Traveled into the past and future and even into a parallel time line of our present and of course yours truly! I and Steven and Patricia Ress were interviewed on Coast to Coast, Steven asked George Norey if it would be ok and they called me around 1:30 am for my small testimony. This was about 8-10 years ago it is still posted on his site. Just look for Gibbs and Patricia Ress. Even though I had time traveled twice a month, I also had tons of visitor in and out of other dimensions all night long walking in and out of our house! If you have talked with other successful HDR operators they probably told you the very same things that happen to them.

I learned when using this device everyday and all year long, you will have opened a vortex and many dimensional beings will be coming through like a commercial airport (Exaggerating) but truthfully a few times every week you will get many surprise visitors you were not expecting. Of course both HDRkid and Gibbs told me on the phone that, you will attract these entities because the HDR places your whole home as a vortex gate. I had to agree because it happened more than a dozen times a month. It wasn't scary, in fact, I enjoyed speaking with them. Except when I was sleeping on the couch four people came out of the air and stood and looked at me and they were talking back and forth in some kind of other language. You could imagine a little bit of embarrassment on my part, feeling like an animal in a zoo being watched by the spectators.

One special moment was; I lied down fell asleep but was awakened suddenly, my wife got out of bed to go to the bathroom, I look at her side of the bed before lying back down and her body (physical) was still sleeping! I look again and she came and I said, honey are you ok, she had a blank look on her face and lied down right into her body and went to sleep. Being able to see my wife leave her body and come back and lie back down into it, was cool! If you all decide heck with it; I want to physical time travel then it's on you! Especially if you can't come back! His unit is not the Philadelphia Experiment; which probably was around $55 million dollar project. How much is the HDR? $360.00? Hmm! Professor Oppmeir even told you all that Steven's radionic box needs more tuning knobs and be better calibrated with those additional potentiometers.

I like to add also, it should contain a frequency generator that would be able to run six different frequencies to help align our subconscious minds with the date, month and year. I know Welz has a orgone generator PCH 2400 HD around $1000.00 yeah I know expensive. This is what I called Steve about adding a frequency generator along with some good orgonite and use the frequencies to bath the ORGONE to encourage the flow of CHI, while operating the HDR. He didn't like it, he felt the old way is much better for him. Mr. Chiverton told me that, he built something similar with his HDR he created and this guy's work is like art work! He told me, "I didn't use it for astral or physical time traveling yet. Because I am not so sure how well it would work or if I could even come back." That is the most responsible approach to the HDR time traveling I ever encountered in the past twenty years. I wish he would sell that one to me to let me experiment with it, we could come to a reasonable offer. ****

Getting back to the PCH 2400 HD, besides the expense, this could be used as a OBE/Astral time traveling device. You have he ORGONE constantly being pumped out of the Silver pipe and from the steel plate on top and with the ORGONITE that can be used as a rub plate. The orgonite inside the machine is being bathed constantly with whatever frequencies you want to use during your run time. Which would bring up a difference in run time! The HDR's magnet can only be ran for 15 minutes tops before it gets really hot. Whereas the PCH 2400 could be ran the whole night long! You program your destination and say, what are the rates that will transport my astral body or OBE and all its parts into "month" , "day" and "Year" and let it run all night and all week long if need be! I can't argue that it won't work because the HDR is nothing but a radionic machine and archaic when it comes to streamline parts and workable theories that show anecdotal evidence that it is possible to time travel using other type instruments such as; my SE-5 and the HDR and the IDL-22. I have OBE time traveled so far with all (3) devices.

As far as , Orgonite goes, I am not going to get into a pie throwing contest to prove or disapprove such a theory...But I will do experiments and document those experiments one step at a time and will allow you all to see the final results to make up your own minds because many of us here are intelligent enough to make our own minds up and it will boil down to two things, " I believe" or "I don't"! Either way is ok with me. But I will continue to post every now and then my opinions and my small unimportant research for anyone who dares to open the gap of their imaginations and consider other ways and types of time travel or anything else for that matter. I won't argue about time traveling, whether it works or not. Because it worked for me and I maybe the exception to the rule or I just know instinctively how to follow instructions and how to listen to my inner-man, my gut intuition.

When your dealing with psychic time travel, which could include Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing and Telepathy etc. you have to be open; this is not so much physical as you give it credit for....Some kung fu masters can use the "CHI" to start paper on fire and to break a brick with a folded piece of paper. It's physical but the works or results is beyond physical explanation! (CHI- nonphyisical). Whatever the brain can conceive eventually the physical body will follow, it has no choice does it! To finish this up, work to have a OBE or Astral Travel whether it is time travel or just plain OBE explorations, if you can do this with little or no problems, the physical part will come automatically the body will soon start to follow your higher mindset.
Can i have ur contact details. I have some doubt