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I am unsure of how I can explain this to you, but I will try to the best of my ability.

First of all, my name is Thomas Edward Cousins. I have been browsing the Internet recently and have arrived here out of interest. I would also like to share my story with you, and possibly engage in any questions that you may like to ask about me.

As I have already stated above, my full name is Thomas Edward Cousins. I was born in year 2403 on the 17th of November. I grew up in the city of London with both of my parents who are named Janice and Martin.
My childhood was like any other; doing every day activities such as playing with friends and going to school. The primary school I went to up until the age of 11 was called 'Broadhurst', which I lived close by. I continued going to this school until I moved on to secondary education. I then studied at a school called the 'Radcliff' until the age of 18. I then moved to university to study physics, finally becoming a doctorate of the subject.
As I had become a doctorate of physics, I soon found a variety of jobs i could pursue. I finally chose to apply for the vacant space at the 'National Time Travel Corporation', which researches old and new ways of travelling through time.The corporation is funded by the goverment, which restricts the use of time travel to avoid any possible dangers that time travel may encounter. To enforce this, the goverment had set various laws.
At university, I specialised in the actual process of time travel, so my job was to explore other methods and possibilities that did not exist or hadn't been implemented. As well as this, I was also asked to test on numerous occasions a number of different machines, that had been modified differently to achieve different results of time travel. Through the course of my job, I made several controlled missions through time that were closely monitored by a panel of other experts. As I wasn't fully qualified to travel through time for long periods, I only made short trips that lasted for roughly 2-3 weeks.
This is where I come to the final part of the story, when I travelled back from the year 2434, in a machine that had been modified with new materials and electronics. These were all things that had been under development with the help of the other colleagues in my department.
I arrived here at precisely 8:07am on the 23rd of October with two other colleagues. We are set to return back to our timeline at exactly 10:34pm on the 18th of November. As I have already stated above, I am here only to test the modified time machine, and I am here for no other purpose. While I am here, I expect to just enjoy my surroundings and communicate with other people.
If you would like me to answer any questions regarding my story or my colleagues, I would happily respond the best I can.

Thank you

Thomas Edward Cousins (National Time Travel Corporation)


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Welcome to the site, Thomas. Quite an interesting story you have there ;) I noticed in your Time Travel Roster post you said you had access to a scanner and a camera.

I'm sure that most people here would appreciate if you took the time to photograph your machine and upload them to the site here. If your photos are too large, I'd be happy to host them for you.

Why stay here for these few weeks? If your trip was successful, why not just go directly back to your time?




Thomas Cousins
Hi I'm Frog. I just wanted to say welcome to the forum and I have two questions for you. I have a short time to talk so I will ask my questions now. what does your timeline look like and what is your purpose are you on a mission or something like that? I am not trying at all to be rude or mean to you, so you can answer these in your sparetime if you can. that would be helpful and appreciated. thanks for listening and thanks for your time and patience! now I must go I am busy too!


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Hello Thomas,

Welcome to the 21st century. I hope you find our accommodations suitable. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering.

1. What is the time divergence from your time line and ours.
2. A time traveler from 4038 mentioned the exodus begins in 2400. What is this exodus?
3. Please explain the Book of Revelations to us. I was wondering in particular what the second coming of jesus is, if the rapture happens, if the antichrist is a man or a system of government.
4. What is the average life span in your time. Here it is 79 years roughly. Can you give us any tips for living a long life.
5. What kind of tax system do you have. Here we are taxed 70%.
6. Are there aliens and are all aliens demons.
7. Is there a American President from the years 2015 to 2020.
8. What is the name of the inland sea where the great lakes once where.
9. Has eastern canada or central america joined into the united states of america?
10. Has Mars been terraformed yet?


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Hello Thomas Cousins. Welcome to the plantation so far. The "National Time Travel Corporation" eh? I would think something a little more clever would have been used. Some alternative corporate names.

National Termporal Technologies Corp.

International Temporal Technologies Inc.

Global Temporal Logistics, Inc.

Temporal Logistics International, Inc.

"National Time Travel Corporation" sounds well, kinda lame, if you catch my drift. No need to respond here. Just trying to give you some pointers for "next time." Creativity is beneficial to tales such as yours.



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Hello again, i will try to answer all the questions you give to me to the best of my ability.

1) I am only allowed to stay here for a couple of weeks, as i am not fully qualified to stay here for long periods of time. My colleagues and i work for the goverment, but we do not engage in long missions through time that may take several months to complete.

2) I am not able to go directly back to the year 2434, as the machine i travel in is not fully capable until it is adjusted. Therefore i have to wait until the machine is ready.

3) My timeline has a huge difference to this one, as the technology had advanced hugely.

4) I am here to test a modified machine that has been under development for the past months in the year 2434.

5) At the moment, there is only a small time divergence of exactly 2 minutes. This means that it is precisely 11:48 in my timeline (From when i was writing this).

6) I have no knowledge of this 'exodus' the other time traveller was talking about.

7) There hasn't been a second coming of jesus, or some sort of revelation in the year 2434

8) I am suprised to hear the average life span is only 79. In the year 2434 medical science has helped the majority of people live until they're roughly 120.

9) The tax system is slightly lower at around 55%

10) We do not know of aliens, although there have been many mysterious events that may have been covered up by the goverment.



5) At the moment, there is only a small time divergence of exactly 2 minutes. This means that it is precisely 11:48 in my timeline (From when i was writing this).

LoL , man you crack me up , another 400 years time taxes will be LOWER than now? lol thats a new one , keep smoking that ganja man! :lol:



Hello Thomas and Welcome to the forum.

For the sake of continuity I am posting your answers to the roster questions here.

Originally posted by thomas_cousins@Oct 26 2004, 08:54 PM
Location: London

1) I knew everyone important in my life. For example, family and friends.
2) I research different methods and possibilities of travelling throughout time at the 'National Time Travel Corporation' located in central London.
3) I enjoy many recreational activities such as, sport, literature, theatre etc.

1) I wished to be called thomas on this board.
2) I speak only one language, which is, English.
3) I am a doctorate of the subject physics.

1) From the year 2434 to the year 2004.
2) A machine.
3) Travelling to the future and the past are both possible.
3) I have travelled through time to test a modified machine.
4) I arrived here on the 23rd of October.

1) Browsing the Internet.
2) Posting out of curiosity.
2) To simply interact with other people.

1) I can't reveal my location.
2) I can't reveal where i am staying.
3) I live with two of my colleagues.
4) I can't reveal
5) I only have access to various pieces of technology which include a computer, printer, scanner, camera etc

I will happily answer any more questions in detail if necessary.

Thank you

Thomas Edward Cousins (National Time Travel Corporation)

I would like to ask a few questions:

1) What can you tell us about our current understanding of timelines and world lines?

2) What and when is the breakthrough to time travel?

3) Are you traveling in your own time line or an alternate one?

4) Can you supply us with an overview of your history from 2004 to 2434?


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hi Thomas

a few questions and observations if you don't mind ..

1. what are the basic methods of your form of TT
2. can you provide pictures of your machine
3. what do they find on titan

and my observations ..

your language has not seemed to have changed much in 400+ years, in the last 400 years it has come along way .. any reasons it seems to have stuck so close ?

thanks and welcome to the naughtys ;)