Hello paranormalis.


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Feb 11, 2019
So first of all hello everyone!

This is actually the first forum that i intend to take part in since forever and my reasons are: I really have noone around myself to talk to regarding things like this and i have to keep it all to myself... atleast noone who believes "we´re shrouded from the truth that is out there" enough to talk about things seriously, id like to attempt to build and test some of the circuits that are posted in here because why the fuck not, im also very interested in meeting like minded people and collaborating on something absolutely crazy!!!! D:::

Got experience with c, c++,python, autocad inventor and ac/dc circuit design just to name a few, im also a drum´n´bass artist based in iceland so there´s that.

Also into magic mushrooms and exploring internal dimensions and whatnot :O "has legit been in space" - not a joke.

And finally, i have those recurring dreams of the alleged past which are just too real it feels like im there and it´s more of a memory than a dream, and they are recurring so i can´t help but keep searching for answers, and well im not getting any from the society around me so im here to well hopefully find some truth.

Anyways if you need to know how any sensors, actuators, whatever electronic works im your guy, im also pretty fun if you get to know me so don´t be shy ;)