Help me to time travel


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In your link there are lots of photos of a Delta Time Antenna...However, I think you have got confused when the "Delta Loop Antenna" was shown and described, which is just a standard type of antenna that amateur radio operators such as myself can use, but NOT for time-travelling...The explanation for a "real" Delta Time Antenna is shown in a separate thread, together with a photo of it as seen on my profile picture, and shown below (y):)..

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Got, knew that thanks. Was a quick search.


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I've had all kinds of OBE's and paranormal stuff happen but I'm never able to do it at will.
It just fucking happens to me. I wish I was able to do it at will I'm trying to all the time.
I've heard all sorts of varying stories about parnormal dreams and whatnot. I've read some people can do it at will but never met anyone personally. I believe it's something you have to figure out on your own. Unless you somehow get outside help.


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I read Philip Corso's book on Scribd. I recommend scribd you can literally read almost every
book on the planet including the majority of UFO books, mine was a free trial i cancelled later.