High Strangeness


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Re: High Strangeness

"Voice 1: “She is awake. She is aware.”
Voice 2: “She will remember. She will not forget this.”
Voice 1: “It is the medication she is on. This is not blocked."

This is a very interesting read. It seems like a lot of stuff is going on below
peoples awareness.
The most interesting thing they said was "This is not blocked."

How many other things have happend to you and others that ARE blocked.
Thats what I am wondering.

Who are these people? What are they really doing?
Did the voice seem to fade away as you woke fully?
Or was you fully awake when you heard it?

Have we been invaded and not know it?

This is kind of scary.

How convienent for them to do a bunch of stuff to you and then attempt to block it out. I wonder how they feel knowing you just posted it on the internet. :) LOL

This is typical of UFO abductions. what in the world, or rather beneath the subconscious, is going on?


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Re: High Strangeness

snowfirewatches, can you recall and describe what color the eyes were and how they looked like?