How the World will End

Mar 31, 2018
All the dysfunction and degeneracy is coming from the cities. Look at an American election map from the last presidential cycle where the districts are colored by predominant voter, but stacked demographically. If you wiped out about six American cities, this country might actually be salvageable.
Jun 8, 2018
Nuclear war isn't that bad. It will kill most of the urbanites, but the rest of us would be fine in the long run. Probably a good thing to just wipe out the urbanites in one day.
Yea man but no one ever thinks of other things. It's not the initial blast you have to watch out for, it's the after-effects. It's the crumbling infrastructure, it's not being able to get food/goods from the store because nukes have set off an EMP which has disabled electronics at the distribution center.. not to mention, the roads being toast, the trucks being toast.

No one ever thinks about all that radiation.. what it would mean for future generations.

It's not the blast you gotta worry about, it's dying of thirst, hunger or sky high crime rates in the aftermath.

And the best part? Most of our vehicles now are run on or at least depend on electronics in some form or fashion. Nukes set off EMP's. Good luck trying to get around when an EMP disables your car.

Don't even get me started on the whole self driving thing.. if a nuclear war happens too late, maybe some will not know how to drive a car. If they find an old one, how many can drive stick shift? How many will be wiling to drive themselves around in this scenario?