I don't believe the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) works

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No offense to anyone who claims the device work, but I'm skeptical to the mechanics of the device. Usually I would test these types of circuits, however, I feel it dangerous to test this one. Mainly because it plugs straight into the wall and has a live 120 volt wire around your head. So, I have a challenge for the HDR believers.
  1. Describe how the device works, including its mechanisms, and why it would work.
  2. A new circuit based on the original design's mechanisms that safer to test.

I am willing to believe the strange if provided enough evidence/reason to believe it. And just for fun, I made a circuit diagram showing my own version of the HDR that should be safer, but probably won't be (DISCLAIMER: DO NOT TEST THIS CIRCUIT ON YOURSELF OR ANYONE FOR THAT MANNER, THIS IS JUST AN IDEA. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU BUILD THIS). I think the crystal and resonance leads to the astral projection, but I'm not sure how accurate that is for the HDR community. Thank you