1. R

    Rodin Coils vs Caduceus Coil-Which is more effective

    I am curious from the community to gather a consenses on the difference in regards to the effects of Steven Gibbs hyper dimentional resonater device using it's current design methods of the Caduceus coil vs the use with a Rodin Coil. Has anyone tried this and if so what were the effects?
  2. R

    Time Travel-What's the practical use?

  3. Username

    Magnet Wire for the HDR Caduceus coil

    I bought about 2000 feet of 21AWG Enameled magnet wire from Remington that I’m gonna use to wind the electromagnet. Can I use this wire for the caduceus coil too or will that cause a short? It looks like copper wire with a very thin painted enamel. Otherwise, what kind of wire is needed for the...
  4. Username

    HDR capacitor and caduceus coil

    I have a question about the capacitor needed for the HDR. I know it's a polyester/film 1uf250V but I don't know if that 250V is AC or DC. Does anyone know the model number for the capacitors used. Also when I'm winding up the caduceus coil should I go clockwise or counterclockwise? I'm gonna...
  5. OakFieldAlienz444

    So I don't think a topic quite like this has ever been made

    How many here own an HDR? Does it do anything? Talk about your HDR experiences here.
  6. Himalayan Hermit

    Crystal Usage with Steven Gibbs HDR

    For those who have used the HDR unit first hand, what kind of Crystals have you experimented with? I have mostly used the (smaller one in the pic below) Quartz Crystal that Steven Gibbs sent me, although I'm thinking of trying out the larger one (which I found in a Crystal Cave in the higher...
  7. OakFieldAlienz444

    Is this legit? Or a knock-off?

  8. Aone

    Why The Movie Deja Vu Revealed The Truth About Time Travel

    This is a really interesting video regarding time travel and how, more than likely, the government is already travelling back in time to promote their agendas. I'm not sure if I agree with everything, but it seems logical. Old movies and TV series often showed and still show things that were...
  9. OakFieldAlienz444

    If you subject a photograph to scalarwaves with a device that has silver on it

    Does this do anything? I've been trying it on a photo of Annie Oakley.
  10. OakFieldAlienz444

    If you have an HDR and don't want it? Or too many? Put it on Ebay and I'll pay you 360 for one

    Made similar topic in other time travel board but I am serious about this. Only price I'll pay is 250-360
  11. OakFieldAlienz444

    The Blueprints for a Time Machine now on ebay dirt cheap----Steven Gibbs device

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/254955938433?hash=item3b5c8ee281:g:sRMAAOSwVPFfa5vc I'm personally not that into building shit but here it is for anyone who wants it.
  12. OakFieldAlienz444

    If anybody has any HDR's like too many? I'd pay someone for one.

    Anyone have any HDR's they don't need?
  13. OakFieldAlienz444

    Can Steven Gibbs still be reached? Also are there any other ways to get an HDR?

    I know they're on Ebay sometimes. And some people say those are fakes etc I'm genuinely curious about how to get one of these things does this guy still answer calls? Heard he almost died about a year ago. His phone number also changes all the time. As does his email. I'm a bit confused. Is...
  14. Antinventor2020

    For those who have a HDR and are willing to use it, I have a series of tests for you

    If you have a Hyper Dimensional Resonator, and want to prove it, I have some tests for you. Firstly, if you can see into the future with it, go to the future and look for a guy named “Filigenzi”
  15. OakFieldAlienz444

    How safe and reliable is this HDR thingy?

    Can it like really screw up your timeline? Worst things I've heard are that you can have food missing from your fridge that you don't remember eating. Or the lines in movies will be different (This part actually sounds fun) I would love to experiment with one of these things but I don't wanna...
  16. Antinventor2020

    I don't believe the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) works

    No offense to anyone who claims the device work, but I'm skeptical to the mechanics of the device. Usually I would test these types of circuits, however, I feel it dangerous to test this one. Mainly because it plugs straight into the wall and has a live 120 volt wire around your head. So, I have...
  17. D

    If you Wanna Go back IN TIME TRY THIS!

    Here is a schematic special JUST FOR YOU PEOPLE. NOTE: it will not work on a slow flushing typical toilet, only the newer industrial type of rapid spinning high powered conductive metal bowl ones. It will send a copy of your mind back to merge with your younger self, and the your timelineof the...
  18. Doc 05

    🎨 Creativity HDR Adventures: Short Stories of Time Travel

    I have always wanted Patricia Ress and Steven Gibbs to contact all the owners of an Hyper-Dimensional Resonator (HDR) and solicit FICTIONAL short stories. These stories would all involve the use of the HDR and would allow the owners to write down on paper all the dreams, fantasies, and tall...