If a mind can create a computer


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Jul 29, 2020
Or what we think we are? Or is perception itself all there is?
We humans are physically constructed objects in that we are constructed of, what we define as being, cells which are constructed of large complex molecules which are constructed of smaller simple molecules which are constructed of atoms which are constructed of subatomic particles which, if I'm not mistaken, are caused by energy. At the same time though you cannot have cells without first having large complex molecules but you can have large complex molecules without first having cells. Just like you cannot have atoms without first having subatomic particles but you can have subatomic particles without first having atoms. In turn you should think of what must come first before what can come next as being the hierarchy of the layers of construction.* The thing you've got to understand here is that our ability to perceive reality comes from our bodies. In fact if we didn't have a brain or information processing system & a nervous system or biochemical streaming information io subsystem we wouldn't be able to perceive the reality around us. Which means that before there can be consciousness INSIDE OF our universe there must first be matter inside of that universe. So perception itself cannot be all that there is.

(* This is beautiful when you include the hierarchy of possibilities as put forth by each & every single layer of construction.)


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Feb 7, 2020
Doesn't this fact alone make our minds more powerful than any possible computer?

Is the answer to everything all in our mind?
a computer nowdays is the total amount of the elaborated data from the day 1 the computer is built .
basically a computer beside its physical parts is just collected data and improvement of formulas and speed signals ,
for example to count to 10 from 1 you teach the computer first of all the numbers from 1 to 10 but it does not understand what they are than you teach to the computer other formulas y=x+1 and so on starting from 1 the computer can add 1 and count to 10 . everything you see computers does now is due to the data collected formulas and so on all these years and a computer it is faster than a brain because it leaks of differential thought .
the differential thought is the capacity to understand something new , using the elimination process "what it is not" or the guessing process "what it might be" or both in the same moment .
put a child and a computer in front of a cat and a toy cat , the computer will say it is a cat the child will say it is a cat or a toy .

now the final answer is , in meaning of speed and elaboration computers can be more powerful regarding the amount of data processing , because once you teach the computer to do something the speed is a matter of cables and electricity etc , you give whatever you want to eat to a human it does not affect a lot in the brain .
from the other side the human brain is more precise in selection as for the computer needs to do step by step its process the human brain can skip some processes . also the human brain can count from 0 to 10 , from nothing to everything , the computer if not teached about the number 1 can't do anything at all , because to the computer 0 it is not nothing but is a signal , 0 is data , the computer can't understand 0 . Also the computer can give you information about everything cats dogs etc but can't understand them .
(therefore now days they are using formulas that gives "randomness" to the computers , producing something new that goes outside the paterns of the formula , up to infinite from something predeterminated as a simple formula yet that doesn't mean singularity )