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Jan 27, 2019
I have been interested all my life (six decades so far) in time travel, lucid dreaming and prophetic dreams. I first became aware of John Titor a few days ago watching Stroppy Me discuss a new article about the President being a time traveler. This reminded me of a meetup a year ago where a local astrologer said the President's Uncle was Tesla's lab assistant and remembering what I had repeated at the time (thinking now it was probably MSM garbage) about another relative being a vendor of sexual took me a year or so to realize the source of that comment was a planted MSM meme and that I was being invited perhaps to look more closely at everything, so I did.

This began another internet voyage, this time leading back to my dormant Twitter account, qanon, and finally here. Suddenly, old pieces fall into new places. My own weird experiences begin making more sense.

In any event, I discovered this board less than 24 hours ago and spent a few hours reading all the posts from October 2011, the year I moved to Oregon. I am up to November 2011. It's dense and fascinating and I hope at some point to contribute to this body of knowledge. I appreciate having a safe place to discuss time travel, for me it is very real indeed.

I myself have been on the internet in one form or another since 1984 or so. I had a friend, MHG, who built old personal computers, in his rented basement in San Pablo, California. I went to Punahou School for K-7, was in Israel for high school then I went to college in Berkeley, California, my classmates went on to become industry leaders and influencers but I was never part of any mainstream, was always sort of an oddball so I did not benefit from any of these contacts nor did I maintain contact beyond superficial FB connections. I am a bit of an eccentric loner free thinker I suppose you could say. Non-conformist. Not qualities that make me attractive to corporate employers, but perhaps which are suited to forums such as this.

I first was on Compuserve my recollection was it was long before world wide web and windows, the forums were DOS and SIGs, or special interest groups. I recall posting from the late 80s on to present in various forums and on various sites and for a few years I was getting booted here and there for unknown reasons. Now I get followers and likes no money and I don't ask for money, never sell anything or promote anything, I just comment and it's always my opinion. Citizen journalism, if you will.

If you google me now you should get about 5,000 hits for Abby Ovitsky or Abby Jo Ovitsky or Abby J. Ovitsky. I am on FaceBook, Twitter, Wikinuts, Google Plus, You Tube and a few I don't recall. I live alone in a mobile home park in central Oregon and I avoid talking due to a sensitivity to sound but I answer all respectful emails personally and I value insight, wisdom, friendship, exchange of ideas, all of what I see going on here.


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May 24, 2012
Welcome to should find many interesting people and posts here.


Dec 15, 2005
Welcome to the site! :) Hope you'll have a good time.

See you around!