Is COVID-19 Foretold on the Twenty Dollar Bill?


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Apr 20, 2011
Remember when it turned out if you folded a dollar a certain way, it showed the World Trade Center towers and everyone said that 9/11 was planned to the point that it was even foretold right there on United States currency all along? Well, if you bought into that theory, get ready to double down on this one, because now there is a theory out there gaining some traction in conspiracy circles that the dollar bill is also foretelling the coming of COVID-19 by, yes, a man with a mask.

No word on whether the mask-wearer on the dollar bill feels that his or her rights are being stepped on by being forced to wear a mask in the coronavirus era yet, but it is a strange thing to find on the dollar bill. What do you think? Is this just a case of someone seeing what they want to see by manipulating images on the dollar? Or is there some truth that major global events might be built into the currency? That’s an old Illuminati trope to hide everything in plain sight right in front of our eyes. Here are some videos outlining the theory and showing off the illusion. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Common Sense Conspiracy

Orpheus Rex

Oct 11, 2013
Even if the Illuminati hides in plan sight (by publishing books saying 'Hi, we're here and we want to kill you, here's where we live and what our names are), this just ain't it. Lol.


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Jun 17, 2004
I saw the video and it does look like a mask - wow. Debunkers will no doubt claim it is a

like seeing a kitten in the clouds or strange things in our air.

I do believe that some people knew what was coming. Maybe, it was a plan to reduce the number of our seniors.

Here is what I see. It has hit hard the airlines and they are losing money.

There are few people are going on cruises.