Is hell real?


In my belief, you punish you by sending your soul to Tartarus first then to a new life filled with horror after you make a contract with the gods to learn what the victims of your choosing have to go through. Reincarnation on earth is hell compared with reincarnation in the 5th dimensional settings in some cases. That is why I believe after we learn on earth, we ascend to new bodies and continue to learn.

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As there are several pleasant realities there are many disturbing places called hells. Everything is mental. including hells, yet hells can be experienced in this life and/or in the astral after death in extremely unpleasant conditions. They say the lower astral plane is full of murderers and thieves who are lost in the dark of their own making while alive.

Hate, anger, resentment, maliciousness, murder in war or as civilian, manipulation of others for money, stealing, lies and persecution for money and "power", injustice, lust, those vices constitute hell which most probably will be experienced as extreme suffering after physical death.

There is a lady who was psychic and a co-leader of a spiritual organization in California, name EC, who volunteered to visit with the aid of guides a few of several hells on the astral plane some of them underground. The conditions were so bad that when she and her guides returned was emotionally disturbed for weeks.

A man who reincarnated after being in his own hell says he remembered after his last death being submerged in a very dark and thick body of water. Yet he recalled as a kid his mother taught him how to pray. He repeated the Lord's Prayer several times founding himself gradually ascending until almost free since he had to climb a cliff into higher grounds where he eventually found people and pleasant places.

Problematic conditions are actually opportunities, challenges and benefits in disguise.

Progress is the law of the Universe so hells are temporal, the only realities that are permanent are those based on Divine Love, compassion, sincerity, honesty and kindness.
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