Is hell real?


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Hell is not real and neither is Heaven. There are no Gods or Demons or Devils or anyone or anything else judging us.

We do not have an immortal soul.
This is a dangerous mistake we have been fooled into BELIEVING.

We have a spark if you like. Think of the soul as a potential. You need to do the necessary path work to create your other through your own intent.

The universe is holographic in nature and time itself is another illusion in The consensus. Everything is happening now, past, present and future all exist in the same moment. Time is a finite quantum loop. Once the needle reaches the end of the record, it resets and plays the whole thing again and again and again etc.

After death consciousness is broken down into its component parts and the energy reconstituted to a leaf on a tree or anything else.
Basically your awareness is obliterated.

The purpose of life is personal and individual evolution.
You create the other to be the vessel which will hold your awareness so that you do not become food for the eagle/abyss.


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In answer to your question: Is hell real? To accurately answer this, the question needs to be modified to 'WAS' hell real? YES, hell was real. In the ancient scriptures when the main body of land was known as Mesopotamia, communities of people were constantly warring for domination. As a method of defense, huge walls were erected around their cities. Since space was valuable, there was little room for graveyards, so a pit was made outside the wall and filled with brimstone. This burned constantly 24/7. Ceremonies were done for deceased and their bodies were tossed into the fire. This was done to prevent disease and save space. The name for this pit in ancient Greek is Hades, translated into English is hell. Christianity over time has used these names to put fear into the minds of their followers, twisting a perfectly logical explanation to their advantage.


Or was it a personal hell, transformed by those that wanted to control i wonder.

Scare the masses and they conform to the doctrine.