I've Been Abducted by Aliens (True Story of Alien Abduction)

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Mar 4, 2016

Grant Masefield tells his alien abduction story for the first time to the public. This true story took place in Tennessee and it talks about Grant and his wife experiencing a paranormal encounter while out of town. Does Grant's story tell of a real life alien abduction or something else? Leave your thoughts on this alleged alien abduction story in the comments below!


I’m not out here for the publicity, because being in a small town like Wickliffe in Tennessee—you’re not looking for publicity. People have a way of finding out. I guess that’s why you guys are here recording this.

My name is Grant Masefield. I live in Wickliffe, Tennessee, but when I was abducted I was with my wife down by Axe Lake, which is, you know, about not too far from where we live. Anyways, it was New Years, and everyone had been talking about the new Millennium and all this, I guess, uncertainty about 2000. The Y2K thing. I remember seeing on the news stuff about robots taking over the world. That had me and Jan a little upset. I think we went down there to get away from it. Kind of clear our heads and just be with each other.

But something happened when we were out there. Something definitely happened. I remember this bright, white light over the water. I don’t remember what we were doing at the time, I think just sitting by the fire looking at the sky or something, but I glanced out at the lake and this thing was, it just, well kinda sucked you in. I couldn’t keep my eyes off this thing. Couldn’t even turn to my wife, that’s how powerful it was. And I heard this voice in my head, this kind of whisper like someone was talking in my mind. And it said, “Grant, please come with us.” I can’t imagine I said no, but I don’t remember.

All I remember was this guy in a black suit with black sunglasses leaning over me, with this blinding white light all around him. That’s all I can remember, that’s all I know, everything else is just blank. I woke up the next morning next to Jan and we both kind of had these marks on our arms. Like needle marks. How you get after a shot or something. And that really freaked us out more than anything.

Luckily Jan’s sister’s boyfriend is a doctor. He kind of had us do some tests and lab work. Said we looked good. So I trust him. I’m still alive. But dang, not a day goes by I don’t think about that night and try to jog my memory for more pieces to what happened.


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Jun 17, 2004
Thank you for sharing this with us.

People often wonder what is going on.