Largest Ever Spider Fossil Found


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Don't like spiders? What about giant spiders?


The largest ever fossil of a prehistoric spider, 165 million years old with a six inch leg span, has been discovered.

The Golden Orb Weaver has been named Nephila jurassica. It lived in the forests of northern China when the climate was much warmer and more tropical than today.

Its discovery in Inner Mongolia means Golden Orb Weavers, or 'nephilids' – giant spiders that can grow bigger than a human hand and which still thrive today – are the longest ranging spider genus known to man in terms of age.
now lets see Fred Flintstone step on that i hate spiders and thats a super sized one:eek: i believe a 12 guage is in order here

Spiders don't bother me but I have actually watched and heard of these giant spiders. They are close to tribal communities and rainforests where few people ever venture. We need them anyway for bug control they eat flies, mosquitoes and alot of other insects. If we didn't have them we would have an overpopulation or annoying pests. But I would be interesting if someone actually was able to capture on film or bring in a specimen to support the claims. It has been attempted but none successful. But this is not the first time i've heard of the giant spiders. I is hard to get to location where they have been spotted. Especially not being harmed and from what I read documented they are rather elusive.